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6 years ago#1
I cant seem to post to other topics, but I can create a topic?

My friend code 4211-6544-4889. I'm in California.
6 years ago#2

Mine is: 4125-2089-3983.
Wanna play a match? Even if it's just to help -you- get parts? I'm on Yahoo "tiro_dvd".
6 years ago#3
I added your code. It says waiting for authorization.
6 years ago#4
OK now for take two. Care to try meeting up again. Give me a specific time and day. You might want to post here or go on IM to say. I'm waiting in the lobby or something.
6 years ago#5
Hi, I am in the MST time zone, and would like to post my wii monster lab friend code for on line battles. 1419 7704 0046.

No specific times, weekday evenings and weekends.


May your monsters be slippery and accurate!

6 years ago#6

The thing about any time is that its too imprecise to do things. Game developers should have had an option where you can be notified of online players during story mode. Of course with the option to turn it off in settings.
6 years ago#7
Hi, having a great deal of trouble posting to this forum. Keep receiving Error code about not being able to post. Only way to post has been "Post New Message" Getting errors on any sort of reply.

Available to play potentially top of the hour on weeknights, at 6, 7 or 8 pm mst.
6 years ago#8
Just to say hi and all. I really should start to setup a game schedule or something.
6 years ago#9
Okay, here's an idea. I suggest that we attempt to log into our respective wii's, and anyone else is welcome as well at exactly 15 minutes past the hour and exactly 15 minutes before the hour if we are looking for matches. That way, it will take about 1 minute to check if anyone is around.

I realize we all have different schedules, but perhaps the "universal meeting time" will find a couple of people at their machines at the same time.




Happy battling!
6 years ago#10
This is interesting. What would you propose to be the clock synchronizer?
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