Sounds like a simplified version of spore

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8 years ago#1
8 years ago#2
Umm no, if your going make a baseless comparison you better come up with a better post than "topic".
8 years ago#3
If Spore got any simpler the game would be nothing but a creature creator. it almost already is.
8 years ago#4
it kinda does.
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8 years ago#5
spore is simplified version of this instead
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8 years ago#6
You this game and Spore are similar? Do you have any clue what either game is about?
8 years ago#7
Spore page:
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8 years ago#8
it smells kind of similar to spore....
8 years ago#9
Considering that this game was announce long before Spore for DS (which I'm assuming that you are talking about), Spore is like this game.
8 years ago#10
It is like Spore Creatures where the creature creation is concerned, to a point. Each part has its own stats and special abilities. Spore Creatures gave you more freedom with the creation aspect, however. Sizing, color schemes, placement, amount of parts..

This game has turn-based combat though, where Spore had real-time. Also, mini-games comprise a significant amount of the game. Spore Creatures didn't have any mini-games from what I remember.

Really this game is nothing like Spore, though. Just that you can create your monster. But Spore wasn't the first game to ever do that...
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