What do you do in this game? Are the mini-games fun?

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7 years ago#1
Are there scores for mini-games?
Turn-based combat? Is there any strategy?
Are there puzzle or just arcade-like carnival-mini-game stylus exercises?
7 years ago#2
upon further review of the reviews I still don't get this game...

Do you run around like you do in an adventure game, talk to characters, random battle enuse?

When do you play the mini-games?

WHAT ARE the mini-games? Are they fun enough to just play alone? Do you have to unlock all to play them all.

150 parts??? Are most or 95%+ just "throw-away" or do you really make use of some for a while but then grind in the quest to get the best/strongest parts?

I've been playing IGOR on DS. Collecting parts by playing the gem-drop game. Sort of like Super Turbo Puzzle Fighters with a story. I like it. No mini-games though. Just the gem-drop game.
7 years ago#3
You use the mini games to both obtain ingredients for parts and to actually make those parts.

The various non Castle locations on the map are where you collect your ingredients for parts, either by short collection minigames or by smacking around whatever other monsters are walking around.

Combat works on a turn based setup.

There are 3 main types of parts in this game, Alchemical, Biological and Mechanical.

Monsters are assembled from 5 parts: Torso, Head, Legs and 2 Arms.

Each type of monster part has it's own minigame to make them.(4 games for each of the 3 main types, so 12 mini games just to make parts)

The main aim of the game, as far as I can tell, seems to be to stop this "Baron Mharti" at whatever evil scheme he's cooking up now.

That, and getting to play around like Frankenstein with a decent sense of humor.

As for how many parts you actually use, occasionally, you'll make a part with negative rather then positive traits, and you often ditch those.
7 years ago#4
What are the mini-games? Are they puzzle-ish like gem-dropping games, or riddles like Professor Layton, or sliding puzzles, shooting/targeting games, racer-type games where you guide some sort of vehicle, whack-a-mole-like games? Carnival-style games? Is this game good if you're just interested in the mini-games?
7 years ago#5
And do you spend more time in this fighting and roaming around the map, OR, do you spend tons of time in the minigames? Do the minigames track records?
7 years ago#6
The various minigames DO keep records, and you can win badges for certain milestones.

The type of mini game varies, some require timing, others just require speed, others require thinking.

The Mechanical arm one is basicly welding along a seam = tracing along a moving path.

The Mechanical head one is "whack a mole" type.

Alchemical Arms use the Astral Rift, which is basicly a race down a tunnel with rotating barriers.

These mini games never last longer then 90 seconds as far as I can tell.

The difficulty of these games depends on your character level and the parts you use in the mini game experiment.

Spool of Wire is a level 1 ingredient, where as Positronic Coil is a level 4 one.

Level 4 monster parts are stronger then level 1's of course.

The mini games can be enjoyable, but unless you are compiling a list of recipies, you might, or might not, play some more then others.(I hate the biological head one, personally)

You start of with the Mechanical arm mini game in the castle at first, and as you progress through the storyline, other map locations and castle minigames become unlocked.
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