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StickyFatal Frame IV: MotLE FAQs Topic (Sticky)
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Mr Stick391/9/2014
FinallyLittle_masters68/18 11:41PM
Did they fix all the bugs in later prints of this game? (Archived)George Trevor57/24 3:02PM
OMG i is scared D:~ (Archived)George Trevor17/20 3:30AM
Character Gallery does not work. (Archived)Belldandy4016/12 10:52PM
A bug, glitch, or something . . . (Archived)Sh1nK0ng25/4 9:51PM
now that 5 is coming, maybe this has new hope in america (Archived)Zikten44/8 8:30AM
How can I play this on an American Wii U? (Archived)AyumiSqueezetoy412/19 7:01AM
FF4 on wii u? (Archived)SakuraCherry13310/3 11:37PM
mission 8-1 damn it all (Archived)vinnyblue62029/29 10:11AM
English Fan Translation (Archived)weFest050738/30/2014
With updated patch, are the files (diaries, memos, etc) meant to be English? (Archived)matt921038/21/2014
Need help with the English patch (Archived)Shinigamiinochi28/21/2014
FF4 English Patch and English Patch Update trouble. (Archived)tsukihami_no-ka57/29/2014
New Fatal Frame announced for Wii U (Archived)Demonguard85/18/2014
finally ready to make this happen (Archived)stiff_134/12/2014
the scariest Fatal Frame (rematch) (Poll)xenosaga12383/28/2014
Mission 8-1 Glitch (Archived)ong2212012/27/2014
Help downloading fan patch, PatchContent .zip empty (Archived)Kid_Cutlery31/9/2014
Is $66.90 the best price to import this? (Archived)Frozenx0751/6/2014
Most Frightening FF Game? (Poll) (Poll)Hewie3211/8/2013
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