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6 years ago#1

- "One of the first things that you'll notice in Men of War is the poor control for regular RTS mode. Movement, unit selection, and attack are all governed by the left mouse button, whereas the right mouse button is used only for the paltry task of deselecting units"

Most of the realistic WW2 RTS to date used the left mouse selection, however if you feel different you can go to options - "game" and unselect "LMB orders" and voila all is great!

- "User-created control groups, another RTS staple, are tragically absent in Men of War, and although the game has a system for quickly jumping to your squads"

Again, wrong, you use shift + (number) of your wish to assign squads, as ctrl is for direct control.

- "the squads change every time you select a different group of soldiers."

Also not true, you can tick off alternative controls in the game options and you have fixed squads, or use as above mentioned shortcuts 1-9, or you click on the squad icons.

If you wonder why you have to change all this to have it more intituitive, that is because the standard options are assigned the way most fans of the series like it. So it's obvious not everyone has the same opinion regarding this.

- "there is no tutorial. You'll get some help from the interface, such as the ghostly outlines that show where your troops can take cover and the occasional tool tip that flashes by, but that's about it."

You also get your help in the first Soviet mission, which starts of with tips and very flat difficulty.

- "This is especially problematic when a mission asks you to do things such as booby-trap enemy vehicles or hide dead bodies and yet leaves it entirely up to you to figure out how to do so."

Manuals exist for such cases, it's completely impossible to have a tutorial covering every feature of the game, I hope you agree on that.

- "micromanaging every man's inventory, and looting and equipping items, can become overwhelming."

Please notice, that a squad shares all weapons and ammunition according to their skills and equipment. So it's not necessary to babysit every single soldiers inventory.

- "Multiplayer in Men of War supports up to eight players for LAN and online matches and lets you choose among seven gametypes, although the differences between several of them are so negligible that you'll essentially have four to choose from."

Sorry, but the game is up to 16 players not 8. As you can easily see when you go to combat and select the map "Port" or the map "Hunting", or atleast 5 other maps with more than 8 players.

- "you'll essentially have four to choose from."

Obviously you didn't notice a difference between the very well known "king of the hill" (Victory flag) and battlezones map which have complete different aims and victory conditions. Do you also blame Epic for adding a deathmatch and teamdeathmatch gamemode? What is up with this?

So thanks for reading and I would appreciate if you could fix this. Currently it doesn't really sound like you took too much effort figuring the game out.

6 years ago#2

Haha, nice job.

I'm sorry to say it doesn't suprise me that Gamespot missed all of this and gave the game such a low score. Unfortunately it seems they put a lot more effort towards console games these days.

Yeah I haven't played the full game yet but I loved the demo. Definitely picking this up after my exams.

6 years ago#3
It should also be noted that you can right click in the mini-map, which is extremely useful and makes navigating around the battlefield much easier than other titles. Once I got used to this control scheme (took about 10-15 minutes), I regretted going back to the traditional Company of Heroes style system. It just seemed inefficient.

I'm also blown away that you failed to read the manual to see that you could assign groups with Shift+#. This was new to me as well, but even a cursory glance at the manual cleared it up.

Finally, you complain about having to micro-manage but I have to disagree with you here. It was very rare in single player that I ever had to "loot" items from enemies or crates in order to complete a mission - most of the time you're given what you need, but you must be careful and use it wisely. Besides, having the ability to customize your units and change the nature of the mission is a really great feature that is applauded in other games and review - yet for some reason in this review it is seen as a failure. I am just baffled by this review and hope that you revisit it.
6 years ago#4
Good job tc. I was like huh, 15 points lower than the average review and then I notice the first negative point: You can't use right mouse button and I lol'ed.

This review is particulary awful, better correct this and fast.
6 years ago#5

6.5 for most realistic WWII RTS game? You better go play your crapy World in Conflict crapthat fits your stupid unreal score that only shows how can't you really see the realhigh score this game deserves - so as other said here you better change it fast or go and find yourself somthing else to do then make your stupid reviews.

6 years ago#6

Wow amazing post. I just can't not fathom how this got released as a review. A company makes a amazing game to have it shot down like this.. Game sure sounds like a 8 or 8.5 to me after all these errors are corrected. Do the right thing plz. 30 hours... controlls that are GREAT once you learn them, graphics that are in some casees AMAZING, level designs that are among the most epic ever created... It goes on and on. I agree on the sound and the voice acting in dropping the game a bit but it becomes a realitve non issue in the grand scheeme of things.

6 years ago#7

that is sad, such a rushjob

6 years ago#8

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Review is being pulled from the site while I get in touch with the author and plan our next course of action.

6 years ago#9
I have a feeling that SOMEONE is going to get sacked :O
6 years ago#10
tFighterPilot posted...
I have a feeling that SOMEONE is going to get sacked :O

Doubtful. They'll just reassign the moronic reviewer to DS games or other console departments.
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