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7 years ago#1
Greets to banjo kazooie, if it weren't for his motherly like verbal lashings, I wouldn't be the man I am today

THIS IS MUCH EASIER IF YOU START A NEW GAME, but if you feel like beating your balls in with a bat, feel free to work down the list

This list is 100% confirmed, hand-typed by me. There are 28 missions to be found.


Visual Maps

* Green - Convoy
* Pink - EDF Assault
* Blue - Interception


Text Checklist

Parker Radio:
* EDF Assault - Red Rock, central Parker
* EDF Assault - SW area in a little nook
* Interception - Starts next to the pit in Dust - spawned on right side of Parker near Dust/sensor towers
(technically a Dust mission?)

Dust Radio:
* Convoy (Destroy) - Headed to Parker, starts at very top - spawned after first mission (Rally) near the pit.
* Convoy (Capture) - Leaving Chem Depot, ends at very north - spawned on the path to the bottom safehouse, just
after that spot was destroyed (could be coincidence)
* EDF Assault - Bottom area in the center, the housing complex in the caves
* Convoy (Destroy) - Leaving old mohole comm station (the long squiggly road in the NW corner) - spawned while in
the bottom section near the central housing caves
* Convoy (Destroy) - Leaving Badlands to FFZ Artillery Base, cuts through Dust - spawned after 2nd Dust mission
while in central area
* Interception - Starts up north in Wind Farm - spawned just below while near the Guerilla Raid icon
* EDF Assault - Bottom area in the center, the housing complex in the caves (yes, this spawns two times at this spot)
* Convoy (Capture) - Starts at SE House Arrest, heading to Oasis - spawned after unlocking Dust Liberation Mission
* Interception - Starts near the SE corner - spawned while near the House Arrest nearby
* Convoy (Capture) - Starts in Oasis, ending in Dust Chem Depot - spawned while standing in bottom area near
safehouse seeing if EDF Assault spawns for a third time
* Convoy (Destroy) - Starts in Oasis, ends in Badlands Outpost - spawned at same spot as previous radio call (near
EDF Assault area) (technically Badlands mission?)

Badlands Radio:
* Interception - Starts at SW entrance to Badlands base (first one) - Spawned while at the Ore Deposit near the NE Transporter mission - up on the ledge, not at the curve

Oasis Radio:
* EDF Assault - NE corner
* EDF Assault - Safehouse
* Interception - Starts at NE corner - spawned while at the ore nearby
* Interception - Starts at SE corner - spawned while heading towards the Liberation Mission, around the entrance to
the Residential Area (SE corner)

Eos Radio:
* Interception - Starts to the right of the NW corner - spawned just above the high priority bridge
* Convoy (Capture) - Starts at FFZ Artillery Base, ends at Martian Council - spawned around middle of map
* Interception - Starts at NE corner - spawned just below the entrance to Martian Council (near the monument / Story
* EDF Assault - Nearby the House Arrest in the SE corner
* Convoy (Destroy) - Starts at Martian Council, ends at FFZ Artillery Base - spawned while waiting around at Jenkins
mission on right side
* EDF Assault - SE corner gas station
* EDF Assault - North of Memorial Bridge
* EDF Assault - To the right of the previous EDF Assault (has a blue statue in the middle)
* Interception - JENKINS (can only be done once all collateral damage missions are complete - Jenkins talks about killing the Red Faction) - starts in Martian Council

Vogel Radio:
7 years ago#2
You're awesome. I need one more and this will help me get it!
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7 years ago#3
Do you know if they respawn after you've been told to do them once? I'm pretty sure I ignored 1 or maybe 2 in Parker when they came on the radio.
7 years ago#4
Missions will respawn if you missed them
7 years ago#5
so i got 100/104 ive done everything and ive keep getting convoy missions i dont think ive done edf assaults and thats what i need but just standing in the certain areas doesnt spawn the right missions help?
7 years ago#6
For EDF Missions, just standing near the area will be fine. Stand on the other side of some mountains or something, give yourself a little bit of distance so it will spawn. It may take a bit.

If you are getting missions you dont want, run to a Demolition Master and fail it, Transporter mission and fail it, or just warp to a home base.
7 years ago#7
I was missing the Intercept mission in the Badlands. I never used that entrance to leave that base I would always drive off the mountain. This guys guide with the provided map is awesome.
Xbox Live - Dropping Mudd
PSN - Sterileprophet
7 years ago#8
Glad it helped and you got it :)

Let's do our part to stop shoddy achievements! WE CAN BEAT IT
7 years ago#9
7 years ago#10
wow i can confirm this list too i got all the missions in that exact order :O
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