This is Sparta

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8 years ago#1

nuff said

8 years ago#2


Prepare for glory!!!

8 years ago#3

*kicks random person off casino balcony*

8 years ago#4
man! i was just about to make this topic!
damn you for beating me to it! THIS IS SPARTA!
8 years ago#5

Then we will fight in the shade

8 years ago#6
8 years ago#7
This is Madness would be a much better game than This is Vegas and This is Sparta is better than both.
8 years ago#8
This is gambling!

Gambling?THIS IS VEGAS!!!!!!
8 years ago#9


THIS IS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!
Most Wanted: Operation Darkness, Halo Wars, Too Human.
8 years ago#10
Gamertag: Bx Cashew
Let's go to work ~Angel
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