This game is going to be a sleeper hit.

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7 years ago#1
There won't be any huge advertising campaigns like MW2, but those who know their games will know this game is almost bang-on vegas.

It seems to have got the fine balance between GTA and the godfather games.
7 years ago#2
Yea, this will be one of those good games that sneaks under the radar and doesn't get much attention. But I think the name will help it get noticed some. People love Vegas. I have a feeling it will be successful enough to yield at least 1 sequel, possibly more, just like Saints Row did.
7 years ago#3
MW2? Mech Warrior?
7 years ago#4
MW2 = Modern Warfare 2.
7 years ago#5
At least they aint over hyping the game.
There are fewer emotions in the world stronger than love and hate
7 years ago#6
OVER-hyping? There's been next to no hype at all.
"This isn't personal Sonny, it's strictly business." Michael Corleone The Godfather 1
7 years ago#7
^^ There really over hyping MW2 though
gamertag- youngSiLVeRstar
7 years ago#8

Either way, I'm definetly getting this game. If it ends up sucking, well atleast I tried it out. I have to get it, first Vegas freeroaming game.

7 years ago#9
All GTA and SR fans should buy this. Even if it's not stellar, the more it sells, the greater the chances are of a sequel.
7 years ago#10
sequel?lol.we are not even sure we 'll get this...
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  3. This game is going to be a sleeper hit.

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