the release date date for this game might be november 2009

#1gtafan08Posted 7/4/2009 6:10:22 PM

its expected in november i think

#2xiTzFEARxPosted 7/4/2009 11:59:45 PM
..."i think" LOL, Go find faqs and stop guessing because really your not good at it, if you check it says July 3 so really LOOK around.
#3DreadedZer0Posted 7/5/2009 10:12:18 AM
That's odd. say it's the 30th September...
#4GAMESHARQPosted 7/6/2009 8:57:04 AM says November 2. says November 30.
#5gtafan08(Topic Creator)Posted 7/12/2009 3:40:38 PM
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