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5 years ago#1
So I downloaded this game on my laptop and the controls are killing me. I downloaded Motionjoy and connected got my Ps3 remote to work. The only problem now is I cant seem to get it to work during the game, I went to the options and tried clicking where it says pad but it isn't clickable. Does anyone think they could me out? Im sure the game would be a lot better if we could use a ps3 remote!
5 years ago#2
Remote? besides I have that same problem, but with an XBOX 360 controller.
5 years ago#3
Yeah, all my friends say pad, I just never called it that, dont know why. I have my XBOX 360 pad connected too, I just cant get any of them to work during the game. Can somebody shed some light on us!?
5 years ago#4
cant you map the controller to the the buttons that play the game...
5 years ago#5
To play PC games with a gamepad, I usually get joy2key and do what the above guy said; map the buttons to whatever keys in-game.

Thing is, I've never gotten my PS3 controller to work as a gamepad. I didn't look too far into it honestly, but IIRC I've tried two different programs that claimed to allow you to use your PS3 controller as a gamepad and neither worked out for me. Maybe I did something wrong, maybe the controller just has poor PC support.. I don't know.

Let me know if you get it figured out though.
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5 years ago#6
i got a blue old pelican afterglow for ps3 and windows 7 reginized it but the game wont... maybe game has no gamepad support at this time...
5 years ago#7
Yeah I'm beginning to think that too. There is a tab in the options that says "gamepad", it's just not click-able. Hopefully they do something about it.

I definitely will let you know if they ever change it.
5 years ago#8
so much for that laptop was stolen
5 years ago#9
Apparently the NA version doesn't support gamepads yet, but the other versions do.

So yeah, we're probably going to get it.
5 years ago#10

From: GodTaz | #009
Apparently the NA version doesn't support gamepads yet, but the other versions do.

So yeah, we're probably going to get it.

Nice. My arcade stick is read as a 360 controller, so hopefully I'll be able to try that lol.
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