Who would you trust to train your brain...

#1FrauMann1Posted 3/20/2008 9:42:44 PM
a reknown professor (Dr. Kawashima) from Japan, or a crazy European posing like a reknown professor (Dr. Kawashima) from Japan?
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#2bengkohnPosted 3/31/2008 4:38:06 AM
At least I knew who Dr. Knizia was before I saw the game. Couldn't say that about Brain Age and its "mascot".

While I guess you have a point about trusting your brain to a brain researcher, you've got to admit that Knizia has the game credentials to know what makes a good game.


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#3anime_mechaPosted 4/5/2008 7:28:14 PM
Prof. Kawashima is a neuroscientist with a medical doctors degree while Dr. Knizia is a game desinger with a PhD in Math.

I think I rather trust Prof. Kawashima since he's more knowledgeable in the brain field.
#4ElDudorinoPosted 4/6/2008 10:44:11 AM
Maybe if Brain Age recognized numbers and the word BLUE I would trust it more.