I cant configure at start (have not played yet)

#1zandoliePosted 11/25/2008 1:22:33 PM
mass effect configuration utility has stopped working

what can I do?
#2zandolie(Topic Creator)Posted 11/25/2008 5:51:20 PM
I cant play, because I cant configure

it wont work

#3HOWRUTWOPosted 11/26/2008 11:45:20 AM
I got rid of Vista when I built my new rig the other day, but ME was still hard to activate. I was getting the config error until I opened the Binaries folder and launch from there (MASS EFFECT ICON), now I can play the game without any errors so far.
#4XolverPosted 12/1/2008 3:24:31 PM
I've Vista 64 here and it's working. It may stop responding, but it should finish reading everything pretty quickly and eventually respond. Try letting it have a full 2 minutes or something.