Infinite Paragon points glitch.

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6 years ago#1

Playing this game earlier, I found a glitch in one of the side missions that allowed me to get unlimited Paragon points, though I don't know how many of the steps I took you have to recreate, I haven't checked it again as of this post (will do so later). Before anyone asks, I have the newest patch with the DLC.

In the side quest where you end up having to track down a specific monkey to get a data pad, I first found the monkey. After a crewmember mentioned it dropped the disc, I went over to the hack-able container more or less right next to it. I quicksaved, failed at the hacking (wasn't paying proper attention along with bad luck), then loaded my quicksave. After this I went back, did the hacking properly and turned around to find the monkey still scan-able. Every time I clicked it, I got Paragon points, and there was no cooldown between when I could scan it. So I could literally keep clicking quickly. In a matter of maybe 30 seconds I had gotten more than 1000 Paragon points.

I don't know if the Paragon points were because I was doing a Paragon playthrough (using close to no Renegade gaining answers or options), but there you have it.

Has anyone else experienced this? Also, I'm not sure when I'll check the glitch again, since I do find it a little cheap. I'll most likely check it in a Renegade runthrough, to see if there's a difference then.

Anyway, anyone who wants lots of Paragon points quickly (it's still less than midway through the game) is free to try it out. I'd also like to know how many this will work for.

Hope I explained it clearly enough. Feel free to ask if I didn't.
6 years ago#2
Yup, it's a known glitch. If you find the proper space monkey on Eletania without killing any of them, you will get a few paragon points. If you save and then load that save, however, you can examine it again and receive the bonus. And then continue to examine it to fill your bar.

I don't really know why this has never been entered into the cheats sections.
6 years ago#3
I see, thanks. I searched for it before writing, and I didn't find any topics or FAQs/Walkthroughs that mentioned it. Figured I'd share it with everyone, in case they needed it. For instance, if they wanted a Shepard with both full (or close to full) Renegade and Paragon at the same time.

Wonder why it hasn't been mentioned anywhere. Oh well. At least now people can read about it here.
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