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7 years ago#1
I compiled a list of planets with sidequests. Some of them are a continuation of each other.

Planet______________ System ______________ Nebula
Taitus ______________ Talava System_________ Caleston Rift
Sinmara ____________ Solveig System________ Caleston Rift
Helyme _____________ Zelene System __________Crescent Nebula
Tarith _______________ Lusarn System __________Crescent Nebula
Neith _______________ Amun System __________Eagle Nebula
Gel Hinnom__________ Sheol System__________ Hades Nexus
Daratar ______________Faryar System__________ Hourglass Nebula
Zanethu _____________ Ploitari System__________ Hourglass Nebula
Aequitas _____________Fortis System __________Minos Wasteland
MSV Strontium Mule _________________________ Omega Nebula
Lorek _______________ Father ________________ Omega Nebula
Joab ________________ Enoch System __________Rosette Nebula
Sanctum _____________Decoris System __________Sigurd's Cradle
Franklin ______________Skepsis System__________ Sigurd's Cradle
Zada Ban ____________Xe Cha System __________The Shrike Abyssal
Capek _______________Haskins System__________Titan Nebula
Capek _______________Haskins System __________Titan Nebula
7 years ago#2
Thanks :D
7 years ago#3
PSP will elevate portable entertainment out of the handheld gaming ghetto. - Kaz Hirai
7 years ago#4
Beat 'ya by two seconds.
7 years ago#5
Is this a complete list?

Thanks a lot, very useful.
7 years ago#6
Awesome, thanks a lot.
7 years ago#7
The list is almost complete, I scanned all the planets and completed all these planet side quests.
Just to add on, some planets can only be unlocked with Star Maps purchased in Illium.
7 years ago#8
Nebula --- System --- Planet ---

Caleston Rift --- Talava System --- Taitus --- Quest
Caleston Rift --- Solveig System --- Sinmara --- Mining the Canyon
Crescent Nebula --- Zelene System --- Helyme --- Endangered Research Station
Crescent Nebula --- Lusarn System --- Tarith --- Captured Mining Facility
Eagle Nebula --- Amun System --- Neith --- Blood Pack Communications Relay
Hades Nexus --- Sheol System --- Gel Hinnom --- Wrecked Merchant Freighter
Hourglass Nebula --- Faryar System --- Daratar --- Quarian Crash Site
Hourglass Nebula --- Ploitari System --- Zanethu --- Eclipse Smuggling Depot
Minos Wasteland --- Fortis System --- Aequitas --- MSV Estevanico
Omega Nebula --- --- MSV Strontium Mule --- Abandoned Mine
Omega Nebula --- Father --- Lorek --- MSV Strontium Mule
Pylos Nebula --- Dirada System --- Canalus --- Lost Operative
Rosette Nebula --- Enoch System --- Joab --- Anomalous Weather Detected
Sigurd's Cradle --- Decoris System --- Sanctum --- Archeological Dig Site
Sigurd's Cradle --- Skepsis System --- Franklin --- Javelin Missiles Launched
The Shrike Abyssal --- Xe Cha System --- Zada Ban --- Blue Suns Base
Titan Nebula --- Haskins System --- Capek --- Blood Pack Base
Titan Nebula --- Haskins System --- Capek --- Abandoned Research Station
--- --- --- --- MSV Broken Arrow --- Hahne-Kedar Facility
--- --- --- --- --- --- Imminent Ship Crash

Changed the formatting. Anyone else with other N7 sidequests can contribute to this? :)
7 years ago#9
Is the second list you posted the complete list?
7 years ago#10
In Coalesced.ini, there are 24 listings of XP rewards marked "N7." That second list is 20. So there may be 4 unaccounted for, unless you get +125 XP more than once during any of those missions.
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