F key does not work to end mission

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7 years ago#1

Stuck in a side mission where the only way off the ship is by holding F to end the mission. I hold F for 30 seconds straight and nothing happens. I try re-mapping "leave world" to different keys but still, doesn't work. I'm stuck for good. Help!

7 years ago#2
I remember there was one mission where you had to go through a door to get back, instead of using the f key.
7 years ago#3
I think it doesn't update the key properly.
Try melee.
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7 years ago#4

Melee worked! I'm saved!

7 years ago#5

I've had about 3 missions now where it wouldn't end and I had to do over. The second time through it ends properly.
7 years ago#6
maybe because you change your melee hotkey, because the tutorial message didnt change although you changed the hotkey on the key bindings menu..., the default melee is F btw, even you change your use/sprint/cover ( default : space ), into any other keys, the 'message' pops out will always tell you to press space when you on cover.
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7 years ago#7
Nope, it's bugged sometimes and you have to reload. I have 2 missions that doesn't end and I tried every key on the keyboard. Luckily I have quick save and only spend like 5 mins each to kill the mobs.
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