Game crash...please..HELP

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6 years ago#1
Someone please help

I am playing the game on the below Sig using Cat 9.12 and i have all the latest drivers installed but the game keeps crashing on me in one particular scene

Slight Spoilers

at the beginning of the game where the Normandy is destroyed and the commander s is apparently dead from running out of oxygen and/or crashing into the nearby planet, the scene after it is as i presume, bringing back the commander to see his blood cells being brought back to life, his tissue, his heart...etc...UNTIL...i get to see the skull part then....THE GAME CRASHES

Why? i don't know, so please if anyone could suggest a work around until a patch is released or is familiar with my problem...anyone?
GA-EP41-UD3L - E5300 @ 3.5Ghz - KINGSTON 2x2GB 800Mhz - GA HD3850 512DDR3 C837/M864 - WD 160GB 7200RPM - GA 370 PSU - WIN 7 U 64Bits - 42" LG PLASMA 720P
6 years ago#2
just got the game today and it crashes like 5 mins into the game at the begining as soon after turns around shepard leaves liliana to go rescue joker...

crashed exact same spot twice in a row just now. whole system hard locks have to use reset button ><

Windows7 64 bit
2-4890 crossfired
Core2Quad Q6600 Overclocked to 3.4 ghz using Megahalem Idle 30C, Full load 55C
Cooler Master HAF 922 lots of airflow
catalyst 9.11

btw just found out 10.1 catalyst is out, gonna give them a shot, if that doesn't work i'll try without crossfire...
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  3. Game crash...please..HELP

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