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User Info: RonixEnclave

7 years ago#1
Anyone else keep getting stuck in walls during fights? Actually, it mainly happens at corners, Sheppard rises into the air and gets stuck their at the corner..I've died three times in fights so far because of it.. =/

User Info: CheeseOmen

7 years ago#2
What sucks is that when that happens your gonna have to reload a save anyway. It seems like I get stuck way to often.
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User Info: DABhand

7 years ago#3
Had that a couple of times, it usually happened with me when running up stairs and turning to soon and ended up on the banister with a low roof, or worse a lampshade lol. Looked like I was wearing a chinese farmer hat :)

User Info: JustAndrew88

7 years ago#4

Try this out. It has a few nice options. If you don't want to cheat though, just use it for noclip. It allows you to fly. Helps people who are stuck. Just hit the key for it, move away from being stuck, hit the key again to go back to normal.
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User Info: shearerc

7 years ago#5
yeah i get that too, annoying sometimes

using noclip/ghost mode is one way to solve it
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