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User Info: KevinR90

7 years ago#1

I got Dragon age for the 360, but Mass Effect 2 for the pc. Is it possible to use the code I got from my 360 version for my pc?

User Info: HAZman27

7 years ago#2
According to one of the promo papers I got with Dragon Age for PC: "Download the Blood Dragon armor in Dragon Age: Origins and receive it in Bioware's highly anticipated sequel, Mass Effect 2, as well. Offer good on any available gaming system!"

Also, as long as you registered DA:O and downloaded it there, when you go to register ME2 and get your armor you can select what system you want to use.
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User Info: Vargz

7 years ago#3
I purchased DA on the PC and ME2 on the 360. Had no problems. My character is currently wearing Blood Dragon armor around the galaxy.

The real question is: Why in the world would you get Dragon Age on the 360 with its terrible controls? >.>

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