Post WHAT WORKS in editing Coalesced.ini here! (No trial and error, please!)

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I think its important to have, and maybe sticky, a thread that has information on how to edit the coalesced.ini file with lines that actually work. Since i have recently undergone a surgery and have loads of free time, ill post what works. I have personally tried and tested all of the commands below and they really work. If they don't for you, well you probably have missed a line or two.

I hope people contribute to this thread too as there are things that i want to know, like how to have more talent skills or Tech Armor for soldier.

1: Editing with Notepad++ and fixing with Rubyscript works on most OS systems.

I am on windows XP (64-bit) and it works perfectly. You can get the rubyscript from Metronome22's zip file here:

After editing your coalesced.ini file, move the file named "me2_fix_ini.rb" to the folder in which coalesced.ini is found in and then double click it. After that, a file named fix_coalesced.ini will be formed.

Delete your coalesced.ini and rename fix_coalesced.ini to coalesced.ini , then run the game.

If no fix_coalesced.ini is formed after running ruby script, no worries, just run game as per normal, it works.

** We shall start with what most people want**

2: Storm Speed Duration and regen:

Search for: StormStamina and edit the values to those below, so long as the stamina is above 10 and the regen => stamina, you should have unlimited storm in and out of combat


3: How to get ALL weapons permanently - If you can hold ALL of them that is.

(Courtesy of narayan512)

Search for:


Replace with:


You should get the special weaps after researching some weapon upgrades i guess.
You can make the weapons also available for all squad mates by removing the "bNotRegularWeaponGUI=true" from the weapon codes.

4: How to get all armors unlocked

(Courtesy of craven006)

To unlock all armor pieces simply go to:



PlotFlag=**** -to- PlotFlag=-1

Located at the end of each line that starts with LegAppearances, TorsoAppearances, ShoulderAppearances, etc.

5: How to get more squad points / items / credits / etc

(courtesy of Metronome22)



List of commands you CAN add:

Bindings=( Name="NumPadZero", Command="ghost" )
Bindings=( Name="NumPadOne", Command="walk" )
Bindings=( Name="NumPadTwo", Command="ToggleFlyCam" )
Bindings=( Name="F1", Command="ENABLEPOWERCOOLDOWN 1" )
Bindings=( Name="F2", Command="ENABLEPOWERCOOLDOWN 0" )
Bindings=( Name="F3", Command="God" )
Bindings=( Name="NumPadThree", Command="setparagon 0" )
Bindings=( Name="NumPadFour", Command="setparagon 1957" )
Bindings=( Name="NumPadFive", Command="setrenegade 0" )
Bindings=( Name="NumPadSix", Command="setrenegade 1900" )
Bindings=( Name="NumPadSeven", Command="initcredits 500000" ) [Creds]
Bindings=( Name="NumPadEight", Command="giveitem self FlakGun | giveitem self Machinegun " ) [NOTE: These are temporary items only, e.g Use in combat to automatically equip the items] [Do also note that this ^ command is a 2-in-1 , the l seperates the commands]
Bindings=( Name="NumPadNine", Command="givetalentpoints 5" ) [To have additional squad points]
Bindings=( Name="Multiply", Command="SloMo 1" )
Bindings=( Name="Subtract", Command="SloMo 0.5" )

There are MANY other commands, just find them in other edited coalesced files and copy them over.

6: How to edit weapons:

Search for:


Thats the first weapon in the long list of weaps: The details should be as follows (mine is already edited), the words in bold are the descriptions, most are self explanatory.

Damage=(X=10.8,Y=10.8) [Damage the weapon does]
DamageAI=1.1f [Damage multiplier that AI does to YOU and SQUADMATES]
DamageHench=0.80f [DAmage multiplier that your Squadmates does to AI]
RateOfFire=(X=1000,Y=1000) [Rate of fire: Higher = faster]
MagSize=(X=50,Y=50) [Amount of shots a thermal clip allows]
TracerSpawnOffset=5.0 [Not really sure]
InitialMagazines=6 [Amount of thermal clips you start with after leaving normandy]
MaxSpareAmmo=(X=500,Y=500) [Maximum amount of ammo you can have]

BurstRounds=5 [If weapon shoots in bursts, how many bullets per click]
BurstRefireTime=0.3f [ How long before next burst shot]

What gun names mean:

Avenger Assault Rifle - AssaultRifle

Vindicator Battle Rifle - Needler

Geth Pulse Rifle - GethPulseRifle

Revenant Machine Gun - MachineGun

Shuriken Machine Pistol - AutoPistol

Tempest Submachine Gun - SMG

Katana Shotgun - Shotgun

Scimitar Assault Shotgun - HeavyShotgun

Claymore Heavy Shotgun -Flakgun

Mantis Sniper Rifle -Sniperrifle

Viper Sniper Rifle -AntiMatRifle

Widow Anti-Material Rifle - Masscannon

Predator Heavy Pistol - HeavyPistol

Carnifex Hand Cannon - Handcannon

The Heavy weapons are pretty much self explanatory.

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Sorry, forgot to add one more:

7: Shield regen delay times


Just change as you would like, its pretty much self explanatory, just change the X and Y values to the same values.

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Another method of modding was posted in another thread, basically it separates Coalesced.ini into separate files and can recompile those files into a working Coalesced.ini, topic link below:
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A little confused about the squad mates having all the weapons. Do i completely delete "bNotRegularWeaponGUI=true" or do i just change true to false?
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Min and max aim error account for bullet drift. Recoil obviously accounts for recoil. Crosshair range is how wide and tall the crosshair is. Lower numbers are better for these.
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SkybladeNox posted...
Min and max aim error account for bullet drift. Recoil obviously accounts for recoil. Crosshair range is how wide and tall the crosshair is. Lower numbers are better for these.

Yes, you're correct.

flipdc5 posted...
A little confused about the squad mates having all the weapons. Do i completely delete "bNotRegularWeaponGUI=true" or do i just change true to false?

Not really sure about changing it to false, i just deleted it. Thane with 1.0 damage with a Widow Maker is just about as Thane as he can get.
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There doesn't happen to be anything in there about disabling that damn red eye glow when you become a renegade is there? I know you can get the med bay upgrade to remove it but I like the scars. I just think that the red eyes are stupid looking.
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TracerSpawnOffset is how often you will see the tracer effect of your bullets. Lower numbers mean you see the bullets more frequently.
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I tried running that ruby script and I think a command prompt came up and then quickly closed, but my game still crashes.
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From: myztikgohan | #009
I tried running that ruby script and I think a command prompt came up and then quickly closed, but my game still crashes.

If you installed the correct version and followed the instructions, after you run the script it will create a new file called fix_Coalesced.ini. Remove the fix_ part and paste that one into the game folder. If you don't get the file, you did something wrong.