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7 years ago#1
By metronome22


- Infinite Ammo
- Godmode
- Shephard can use five weapons with any class (assault rifle goodness)
- No power cooldown
- Paragon/Renegade points
- Credits/Minerals
- Noclip
-level up
-speed change
- Screenshots !

And a few more goodies, just check the readme

BTW, I don't know if the .ini overrides even work in ME2 like they did in ME1, it's possible that they do - but I included the ini fixer source (a ruby script) for Coalescent.ini so you don't have to worry about that if you want to modify it yourself. but don't bother with it unless you do want to modify it yourself.

I haven't seen any of this around, so I hope it can be useful for someone

PS. I updated the file I posted first to include an untouched Coalescent.ini file, for your convenience (that way you can restore the original file without looking for it on the dvd if you screw it up)

uh some questions I'm seeing around:

"do I need to edit anything to use this?"
no, just extract in your ME2 folder and play, however I included a script to edit the ini file yourself if you want to

"what's the .rb file?"
it's a ruby script, it fixes the Coalescent.ini file so the game doesn't crash after you edit it

"what can I use to edit the Coalescent.ini file?"
notepad++ will work just fine ( ) as long as you select the Edit > EOL Conversion > UNIX format option, and it's free !

there you go:
this one without infinite ammo

download this:

then just put the script in the same folder as the .ini and double click it.

i'm restarting the thread since the last one got to 500 with updates from all the posts

Parachutes are for Girls.
7 years ago#2
While looking in the file I found these:
4183 StormStamina=4.0
4184 StormRegen=0.6
4185 StormStaminaNonCombat=2.5
4186 StormRegenNonCombat=0.375
4232 UseSharedPowerCooldown=TRUEWe can have LOTS of fun with this file :DI suggest upping non combat Storm attributes (shepard's run / dash fyi) so we can run around planets better.


@thatguy2001: try ruby 1.9.1: - 1.8.6 is a bit outdated and has no support for different encodings
@derry85: I think you can remove the level cap by changing MaxPlayerLevel=30 & MaxPlayerExperience=29000


for infinite ammo
[SFXGame.SFXWeapon]: bInfiniteAmmo=true


The one in the first post doesn't seem to have infinite ammo anymore, or atleast it doesn't work for my dad.
The ammo goes down as normal and is consumed all the way till he has none in the weapon left, causing it to switch weapons.

@King_Chiba: it refills your ammo every time you reload, so you need to reload to actually get infinite ammo, but I thought people would find out - in retrospect, I should have added that to the readme


Having a little trouble. I wanted to rebind the keys since I have no numpad. Edited the .ini, but when I went to run the .rb script (in the same folder as the .ini) I had to browse to Ruby, and when I chose to open it with Ruby, the black command window opened for an instant and then closed without any indication that it did anything. Tried running ME2, and it just didn't open. No crash, but no game either. It thinks about opening, and then stops, and nothing ever comes up.
So I tried opening the Ruby.exe, and dragging the .rb script to the window and hitting enter. This gave me three errors saying something along the lines of:
"invalid escape character syntax".
Any solutions?

@Kaimana27: open the windows command prompt, browse to the ruby folder, then write: ruby.exe path_to_your_script
like if you had the script on C:\ you would write ruby.exe C:\me2_ini_fixer.rb
by default it grabs Coalescent.ini from it's working directory (so in the above case, C:\Coalescent.ini, but if you want you can make it grab any file by passing it the filename as an argument... and it will always output fix_yourfilename.ini
or you can just wait for the updated mod, was planning on something more user-friendly, since I've had some massive feedback from this cheat - over 3000 downloads, whee.

7 years ago#3
Command to add heavy weapon ammo:
initammo "#"

Others found:
initprobes "#"
initmedigel "#"

How to use Example:
Bindings=( Name="F12", Command="initmedigel 9999" )
Bindings=( Name="F11", Command="initprobes 9999" )
Bindings=( Name="F10", Command="initammo 9999" )

!!!!However these commands won't set the desired value to 9999. These just set them to theirs current max values. Expample if your max probe amount is 30(or 60 later) then the command from above will set it to 30 not to 9999.

Untested possible command list (not tested...GiveSuperGun sounds good tough):



givesupergun made the current clip has 9999 ammo, sp effectively it's a unlimited ammo + no reload cheat
and yes "GiveSuperGun" affect heavy weapon too FYI

-download Notepad++ and ruby (the links can be found in page 1 or google for it), remember to associate the .rb extension to ruby when the option show up in the install setup.

- go to your ME2 folder (default: C:\Program Files\Mass Effect 2) and open BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\

-in there right-click on Coalesced.ini and open with notepad++

- just in case things are hard to see (words bundled together) select Edit > EOL Conversion > UNIX format.

-in there you can start editing stuff.

- after you done you can save it and restore the file to make it compilable with the game with a file included in here:

what you want to do with the .rb file inside the rar file i gave you is put it in the same folder as the Coalesced.ini file ( Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\Pc\Cooked\ ) and run it after you done editing Coalesced.ini with notepad++ and save the file (by right-click on the file and choose "edit with notepad++"

as for where to put the command, you can find another coalesced.ini file in the same rar file, if you open it you will find something like this somewhere:

Bindings=( Name="NumPadZero", Command="ghost" )
Bindings=( Name="NumPadOne", Command="walk" )
Bindings=( Name="NumPadTwo", Command="ToggleFlyCam" )
Bindings=( Name="F1", Command="ENABLEPOWERCOOLDOWN 1" )
Bindings=( Name="F2", Command="ENABLEPOWERCOOLDOWN 0" )
Bindings=( Name="F3", Command="God" )

basically, you can edit the Command="the command you want" to make the assigned button to do the trick.

As far as i can tell some of the working command i've use so far are:
setparagon # set paragon point
setregegade # set renegade point
givesupergun set your current gun unlimited ammo, no reload and 1 hit kill
shot take sceenshot
ghost toggle no clip
initcredits # set amount of current credits (not add to your current credits)
init(name of resource) # set amount of your current resource depend on your input

you can also bind multiple command for 1 button for example:
Bindings=( Name="NumPadEight", Command="initpalladium 5000000 | initiridium 5000000 | initeezo 5000000 | initplatinum 5000000" )
7 years ago#4

Acid Rain
Metronome, it appears that with the 5 weapons thing always on, if you select a new weapon type training when you get the option on the collector ship, whatever you pick will replace your heavy weapon permanently.

The all weapons mod is good in theory but in practice it breaks the game, so unless you can find a way around this bug I'd suggest removing it entirely from the mod or putting a very large bolded warning about this in the readme.

Another problem I found is that using the add level trigger early in the game cripples your squadmates squad points.

I used it at level 23 to get myself to 30 and now any squadmates I had before levelling up cannot receive any more poitns, whereas new members joining come in with the full complement.


I changed this code:




So when you skip dialogue, the wheel appears immediately so you can avoid selecting answers by accident.


And here if my edited ini with everything but the all weapons/all classes cheat



If its talent points you're after the command is "givetalentpoints #" where # is the amount of talent points. No brackets

I've tested it and it works. Here is an example of a code u can use

Bindings=( Name="NumPadZero", Command="givetalentpoints 20" )

by hitting numpad zero (num-lock must be on) it will give you 20 points to spend on your talents.


Increased corpse duration
Just remove the "fix_" from the filename

I changed decal time to 120sec

Corpse sweep time to 300sec

mouse sensitivity to 3.0

and i removed the startup movies. Everything else are the default settings that came with the game (no cheats)

They were really minor changes so it should work just fine.

same as inital .ini with changes to skipping dialogue and not accidentally choosing wrong option

to edit DLC stuff

well since i used the collector's rifle, the .ini file was in "Mass Effect 2BioGameDLCDLC_PRE_CollectorsCookedPCBIOWeapon.ini", but i'm positive it's the same file in every other weapon dlc folder. i don't know if you have this file but you need to run the "giveme2entitlements.exe" because it overwrites the "BioPersistentEntitlementCache.ini" in you ME2 folder in My Documents. if you don't do that, the game will give an error about the specific dlc and it won't load.
7 years ago#5
About the hole "Coalesced.ini"...
I'm sure it might have been mentioned that its a bit tricky to edit this file since it also stores the hole length of a specific file and I have begun writing a program that will act as a nice editor but I'm LAZY and not too much time on my hands so im gonna give the info how its stored if someone wants to beet me to the punch.

int iCount; // Number of files x2, one for the filename and one for the data.

struct CoalescedFileName {
int iLen; // First 4 chars are the length of filename includeing terminator.
char szName[]; // File name, ends with nullchar.
struct CoalescedFileData {
int iLen; // First 4 chars are the length of data includeing terminator.
char szData[]; // Data file, ends with nullchar.

Hope that's clear enough to understand...


int iCount; // Number of files x2, one for the filename and one for the data.

lulz... I thought it was a magic number since 30 didn't make sense, I didn't think it was counting filenames as separate files, duh. now that you mention it it makes sense

anyways I'm not aiming for a full editor since it sounds like too much work for what it's worth, but I am working on an interactive command-line tool to edit it, with configurable settings for each interesting option, so people can edit stuff without having to figure things out themselves (and without having to search the entire file)


The current circulating infinite ammo is just a rebind of reload to run the command "initammo 999", a round about solution but there is a far easier way to get infinite ammo.

Under [SFXGame.SFXWeapon] look for:


and change it to


Now you have infinite ammo for all weapons.


Interesting: i found out how to edit the RBG values for each tint option on your armor.
It's set under near "Tint1Appearances" / "Tint2Appearances"
same with your scars

Changing Weapons Load outs
Go to: [SFXGame.SFXPlayerSquadLoadoutData]

And below that will be the weapon loadouts for each class and NPC, such as:



Just modify it to whatever you desire.


My coalesced.ini
F1 = Enable power Cooldowns
F2= Disable power Cooldowns
F3 = ToggleFlyCam
F4 = Initammo 9999 (max ammo for any weapon, including heavy)
F11 = Givexp 1000 (WARNING: does not level team-mates, only use to get level 30 achievement because it unbalances the game)
F12 = God
NumPadZero = givetalentpoints 10

7 years ago#6
Using ruby script

Did you run the ruby script from the OP? The game won't start up unless you run that script.

1) Download and install Ruby from here:
2) Download Metronome's pack here:
3) Extract the Ruby script (me2_fix_ini) from that package to the same directory as Coalesced.ini
4) Modify Coalesced.ini in a text editor and save it
5) Run me2_fix_ini and it will create a file called "fix_Coalesced.ini", rename this file to "Coalesced.ini"

This should work.


Here's a Coalesced.ini that gives every class access to the same weapons as a solider. No other changes.


To make the weapons emulate ME1 heatuse

HeatDissipationRate=2.0f (change to 0.0f for instant cooldown)

To overcome the problem of GiveXP crippling teammates, edit the mission exp instead

under [SFXGameContent.BioSeqAct_GiveMissionXP]
XPReward=29000 will make you hit lvl30 in an instant along with entire squad, although I don't know which mission is which, so I just changed a bunch.

or if its your second playthrough, just change
SecondPlaythroughXPBonus=0.25f to SecondPlaythroughXPBonus=29.25f and your first mission should hit max level

If you wish to turn off vsync for whatever reason, edit GamerSettings.ini in
/documents/bioware/mass effect 2/biogame/config

and add



Bound "F1" to god
Bound zero on the number pad to add 500000 of each resource (think that's over the max, doesn't make a difference)
have fun

Changing Loadout for Allies

You can change ally loadouts as long as you don't give them more than 2 weapons. The UI won't show anymore than that. It's the same reason why you shouldn't give Shepard all the weapons, the game will only show 5 different types.
7 years ago#7
Aright guys, I uploaded the mods I've done so far.

The readme I included should explain what each of the files will do and instructions on how to install them.

I also figured out why some people's Me2_fix_ini ruby scripts stopped working, and included a version which should fix the problem.

As there is now a trainer available, I will no longer be modding the files to provide functions which can already by provided (namely infinite ammo, health, shields, credits, and resources)
Anything else is game if i can figure out how to do it.

Repackaged my coalesced.ini files to include the working version of the resource/credit .ini, along with the +8 trainer which renders several of them unnecessary =)

If you want the talent points, and nothing else, you can use one of my .ini files with the talent point option, run the game and get the talent points, save, close it, then replace the .ini with the original. Same goes for any of the other resources (extra weapons do not stay).

Storm edit
that should make it instant storm cooldown in and out of combat, 30 second storm if I figured it out right. if not, i'll look at it again tomorrow =)
don't forget to rename it


Found a way to add non-bonus powers as bonus-powers.
Ex: Using Tech-armor as an adept.

1. In [SFXGameCookerHelper.PowerStandalonePackages]
add GameContent=SFXPower_PowerArmor,SFXGameContent_Powers.SFXPower_PowerArmor

2. In [SFXGameContent.SFXGameChoiceGUIData_HenchmenPowers]
add HenchmanPowerArray=(PowerClassName="SFXGameContent_Powers.SFXPower_PowerArmor",ChoiceEntry=(srChoiceName=93973,srChoiceTitle=93973,oChoiceImage=none,srChoiceImageTitle=93973,srChoiceDescription=155065),AchievementID=12,PowerImage="GUI_Codex_Images.Barrier_512")

** I don't know the name/title/description ID of techarmor. So just used one of Barrier. Now if you unlock Jabob's loyalty mission, there will be 2 barriers to select from advanced training. The second one will be the tech-armor.

3. Do as as 2 for [SFXGame.BioSFHandler_NewCharacter]

Then you can use tech-armor as an adept!. Same goes for adrenaline rush, cloak ,.. so on.
Combined with setting bShieldsBlockPowers=false, you can kick some serious ass with your adept. Or use tech-armor with soldier = GOD.


Arrgh. For my previous post, I only tested it on a sentinel, which mis-led to me thinking that it works.

Adding a non-bonus class power(tech-armor) to a class that originaly that did not have it (e.g. soldier) does not show it on your squad-menu. It only works if you add it to the class that originaly had it (e.g. sentinel), which makes it quite meaningless.

Sorry for the mistake.

7 years ago#8
Apparently modifiers work for the bindings, excellent.
Bindings=( Name="NumPadFour", Command="GiveItem Self Machinegun", Control=False, Shift=False, Alt=False )
Bindings=( Name="NumPadFour", Command="GiveItem Self GethPulseRifle", Control=False, Shift=False, Alt=True )

Only one that won't work is the Shift modifier, but still, there's 3 commands bindable to 1 button.

unlock weapons


These lines define when you get the advanced weapons. If you change the "UnlockPlotName=***" to a plotname which you have already gotten, it should give you the weapons. Don't know why I didn't think of this before.

another way of editing

To everyone having problem editing and fixing the .ini, check this, it works flawlessly :

You just need to edit the files with a standard text editor, like notepad. Check the readme.


Posted 1/31/2010 2:24:15 PM
message detail
F1 - God
Control + F1 - Give upgraded weapons
F2 - Ghost (like noclip, but you can't move the camera for some reason. WASD to move, up + down arrows to go up or down)
Control + F2 - Walk (undoes Ghost)
F3 - Max ammo
F4 - No power cooldowns (Some, like infitrator cloak will still make a cooldown after they go away for some reason)
Control + F4 - Restore cooldowns
F6 - Max resources + credits
F11 - All achievements
numpadzero - Give 10 talent points (to both you and squad. does not give to people not on your mission, so if you want maxed skills on every person you have to bring them all and repeat it)

You will get 30x xp as long as you have the Evolved power achievement
I exchanged every class's SMG for an assault Rifle, in order to keep the same number of weapons on the loadout and make so you don't lose your heavy weapon by choosing another weapon.

Set this up for someone, might as well post it here

As for making coalesced.ini editing easier, I think they've already accomplished that here:

If it does what he claims it does (i haven't had the chance to try it) it eliminates the need for the ruby script altogether along with doing away with the annoying amount of time it takes to sort through the meaningless data.

7 years ago#9

Great work here. Thats what i made of it. You get the special weapons with the first research of the corresponding weapon category. Testet with a savegame after 4 hours playtime, and i had all special weapons in locker.:


You can make the weapons also available for all squad mates by removing the "bNotRegularWeaponGUI=true" after the loadout data:


Or give them weapons with research like legion and grunt:





Found a way to add non-bonus powers as bonus-powers.
Ex: Using Cloak as sentinel

1. In [SFXGameCookerHelper.PowerStandalonePackages]
add GameContent=SFXPower_PowerArmor,SFXGameContent_Powers.SFXPower_Cloak

2. In [SFXGamePawns.SFXCharacterClass_Sentinel]
add MappedPowers=SFXPower_Cloak

3. In [SFXGameContent.SFXGameChoiceGUIData_HenchmenPowers]
add HenchmanPowerArray=(PowerClassName="SFXGameContent_Powers.SFXPower_Cloak",ChoiceEntry=(srChoiceName=93973,srChoiceTitle=93973,oChoiceImage=none,srChoiceImageTitle=93973,srChoiceDescription=155065),AchievementID=12,PowerImage="GUI_Codex_Images.Barrier_512")

Now in normandy, choose advanced training. Then in the list will be 2 barriers. Choose the second one and you will get Cloak skill.

Proof that it works :


To unlock all armor pieces simply go to:



PlotFlag=**** -to- PlotFlag=-1

Located at the end of each line that starts with LegAppearances, TorsoAppearances, ShoulderAppearances, etc.


Gibbed's save editor

allows you to change a lot of stuff in your savegame, like your origin, class, or even face morph. You can also add powers.
7 years ago#10

edit to have all the special weapons

Do a search for "PlayerSpecialWeapons=" and edit the last part so it looks like this:


You still have to do some research ingame, 'cause this is what unlocks the weapons. To use the weapons with your squad mates (if they are able to) remove ",bNotRegularWeaponGUI=true" from the weaponloadout a few lines above. The beginning should look like "AssaultRifles=..." etc. The "HenchLoadoutInfo=" defines which weapontype your squadmates can carry, so be sure to edit that also if necessary.

By the way, the order of the weaponloadout defines which one is used first when your squad is outfitted automatically.

Hope that clarifies it a bit. Also take a look at the thread from Shuazoido, its a good summary:



Damage=(X=10.8,Y=10.8) [Damage the weapon does]
DamageAI=1.1f [Damage multiplier that AI does to YOU and SQUADMATES]
DamageHench=0.80f [DAmage multiplier that your Squadmates does to AI]
RateOfFire=(X=1000,Y=1000) [Rate of fire: Higher = faster]
MagSize=(X=50,Y=50) [Amount of shots a thermal clip allows]
TracerSpawnOffset=5.0 [Not really sure]
InitialMagazines=6 [Amount of thermal clips you start with after leaving normandy]
MaxSpareAmmo=(X=500,Y=500) [Maximum amount of ammo you can have]
MinAimError=(X=0.8,Y=0.8) [edit this to change your targeting reticle, when not zooming]
MaxAimError=(X=1.8,Y=1.8) [edit this to change your targeting reticle, when not zooming]
CrosshairRange=(X=30,Y=80) [edit this to change your targeting reticle, when not zooming]
MinZoomAimError=(X=0.5,Y=0.5) [edit this to change your targeting reticle during zoom mode]
MaxZoomAimError=(X=0.9f,Y=0.9f) [edit this to change your targeting reticle during zoom mode]
Recoil=(X=1,Y=1) [lower it to make going full auto easier]
ZoomRecoil=(X=1,y=1) [lower it to so that your sniper gun don't jerk so much after each zoom shot]

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