Gibbed save editor question?

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6 years ago#1
I was wondering if there was a way through gibbed to add talent points to your squad members? I looked around it abit but wasnt able to see anything when I clicked on my squad.
6 years ago#2
It actually says "not implemented yet" .. is there a newer version of it out yet?
6 years ago#3
u can do it now man. go to the raw section and expand squad. theres something in there that lets u play around with talents and talent points for all the squad members.
6 years ago#4
hacks and cheats?

Hopefully you've beat it already. I guess I can understand if you've beaten it and just want to whip through another time for a different choices save file. but I don't really see the point. even on insanity the game isn't that hard.
6 years ago#5
yea I've probably beat the game at least 3 times on every difficulty except insanity and did all the romances. At least afew times 100%. I just got gibbed to not have to mine anymore originally .. now I just wanna max everyones stuff out abit earlier.
6 years ago#6
Ok.. I went to the raw tab and theres nuthing under henchmen.. and I cant expand it either.. I even tried saving it while I am not on the normandy and still nuthing there.
6 years ago#7
Use cheat engine for your squad members talent points.
6 years ago#8
Nevermind figured out how to do it through gibbed... much easier than that other program .. the other didnt make sense at all.
6 years ago#9
What's the latest version of Gibbed? I've got rev 25...
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