Coalesced Problem

#1PoisonbladesPosted 3/19/2012 5:24:31 PM

Anyone else have a problem when trying to play with a modified ini file? Once all the DLC is installed and I try to play the game with a modified coalesced.ini file I crash and then I have to reinstall the game because I'm getting a awc.dll error and it stops working from then on out. I run the origin downloaded version which I believe to be v1.02. The first time it happened I was using one of Dazedy's mods I downloaded with just the God mode and it crashed, I tried putting the original file back in and I still crashed, and after that I started the get the awc.dll error and the logs say that the eacore.ini was missing.

So, did the DLC make it so you can no longer use a edited Coalesced.ini file anymore or what?

#2Poisonblades(Topic Creator)Posted 3/21/2012 10:25:50 AM
hmmm figured I would of gotten a response by now but oh well.
#3ZemPosted 3/21/2012 10:42:01 AM
Board isn't all that busy really. I personally haven't done much with Coalesced.ini beyond a few minor edits to fix mouse acceleration. I used Notepad++ and kept the character count the same before/after. Didn't have a crash. I am using most of the DLC except for the appearance packs.

I can imagine though that if your version of the game is newer than the one used by the mod author then you could have problems. For some silly reason, the number of characters in Coalesced.ini has to stay the same or it will crash. That's some quality programming, right there! You might google around for Coalesced.ini editors to see if any of them can fix the file. Not sure why replacing with the original one should still crash though.