How do you bring back the entire Normandy Crew

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5 years ago#1
During the suicide mission only Dr Chakwas came back and I watched Yeomen Chambers get liquifide. I heard that by completing N7 missions the Normandy crew survives. I did that right before the suicide mission with all team members loyal and the Normandy is empty with the exception of all my team members.
5 years ago#2
As soon as your crew is kidnapped you have to immediately go rescue them, if you stop to do missions they will die. I think you can still scan planets though. I recommend finishing up sidequests before doing the Reaper IFF mission but that's just me.
Big Apple, 3 A.M.
5 years ago#3

You actually have time to do the Legion loyalty mission after acquiring the IFF, but that is the only mission you can do without losing the crew.

5 years ago#4
Once the crew has been abducted, you must go rescue them without landing on any planets in order to keep them all alive.
5 years ago#5

Do all loyalty missions.
Do IFF mission.
Do not go near the galaxy map.
Go directly to Legion.
Talk to him twice with all other loyalty missions done. he will give you his loyalty.
Do Legions loyalty mission.
Then the crew will be taken.
Go get them.

I've never done it, but I've read many others say that if you do all loyalty mission except for one, usually Tali's, that you may talk to Legion once, do Tali's, talk to Legion again, do his mission and then the crew will be taken.
5 years ago#6
I have done that-- saving Tali's loyalty for Legion-- and had it work fine.
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