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User Info: high_flier429

7 years ago#1
From start of mission:
1. facing directly away from shuttle exhaust at your 2 o'clock

from this first one, I did this in a clockwise sweep, dealing with the ones on the outside border of the map 1st.

2. NORMANDY SR1 hull wreckage - by the "D"

3. crate 1 of 4

4. lower deck (Ash flashback) - far end of the cave/ship wreckage

5. walking out of the above, to the left on top of two straight, white pipes

6. by the halfpipe hull wreck at the cliff - by a plateau step against rockpile facing inland

7. far end of cliff at a dead end

8. under tall cliff wall with what looks like a fence of 2x4s at the top
---- tag is in bushes about 8 sec run (not sprint) directly from front of Mako

9. similar as above (cliff with 2x4 fence on top), but at your 2 o'clock while facing same as Mako

10. might as well grab the one right at the front right corner of the Mako
(am I the only one who misses the Mako combat?)

11. near Presley's datapad - at the pointer end of the maproom table

** if you follow the wall clockwise from the maproom, you will find the N7 helmet (under a red triangle if looking up at the big wreckage piece sticking out of the ground in the distance)

12. rear of the SOS escape pod

13. crate 2 of 4

14. airlock - right by the cockpit flashback

NOTE: at this point the whole map should have been circumnavigated
starting from the rear of shuttle again as in the beginning

15. on left is a "NORMANDY" labeled piece - walk around to other side of this wreckage mound

16. facing that same labeled piece - go left, under the overpass wreck on the right

17. cryosleep wreckage - 2nd pod on the right

18. crate 3 of 4

19. crate 4 of 4

20. between last crate and the cockpit wreck - directly under overpass wreckage

hope this helps
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