Question about Assassin Loyalty mission...(Spoilers)

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User Info: CapnChlamydia

7 years ago#1
So when I finished the Assassin's loyalty mission, it ended with his son shooting the politician. I followed the politician around, I kept the Assassin up to date, and yet his son still killed the politician. The Assassin(sorry, I don't remember his name atm) got really sad and I never gained his loyalty after the mission. Is there something I'm missing here? Is there a way to regain his loyalty?

User Info: khaos198

7 years ago#2
no you have to start all over from what i know. you are not allowed to let his son kill the politician because then he and his son will not talk.
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User Info: Sage_assassin20

7 years ago#3
His name is Thane.

And If you were good enough you could have swayed the son to not kill the guy.

I dont know if it would have work for evil.
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User Info: a_thom

7 years ago#4
During the part where the assassin confronts the polititcian, I got a paragon option to shoot the gun out of his hand. You may need higher paragon/renegade scores to stop him.

User Info: CapnChlamydia

7 years ago#5
I think my game might have glitched out...I'm mostly Paragon and I never got that option at all...Eh, whatever, I'm not too big on achievements, so I don't think it will really ruin the game. Nonetheless, I'm not a huge fan of him...compared to the other characters, he's close to my least favorite.

User Info: BDJayce

7 years ago#6
It's during a cutscene, it's a Paragon Trigger (pay close attention), you shoot then walk up and punch the boy in the face before telling the turian to leave.

User Info: will57

7 years ago#7

I think loyalty missons effect the characters powers, and MAY have a effect on the suicide mission (final misson)

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