The Mass Effect 2 board FAQ of everything you're looking for

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Everything you say?
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Note that the lists above (from a few posts earlier) are not only in a different order. The second link has several more items listed.
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Or... it could just be a Firefox Print Preview issue that tells you there's only one page, even though it cuts off the descriptions and the last couple lines. "Shrink to Fit" should actually shrink to fit. Unchecked it, shrunk it to about 70%, and it looks like everything shows on the page. Great lists!
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This list of planets with platinum is false. Certain planets from that list I scanned had barely any platinum, while others not on the list had quite a bit. I heard this was taken from the Prima guide... that guide must be outdated or something because I also noticed it mentioned you can scan the planet Arvuna. That's not true. You scan Dranen. Arvuna is mentioned as one of the moons, but that's it. I'm surprised no one has caught onto any of this yet.
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Good info
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