Can you recruit Liara?

#1lordstanley_4Posted 2/1/2010 1:35:24 PM
So... Banged Liara in ME1 and quite fancy getting into my shiny new bed in my lovely new cabin in ME2. Can you get her to join your crew?
#2menalaos1971Posted 2/1/2010 1:36:06 PM
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#3EDMartyrPosted 2/1/2010 1:36:23 PM
You take that back! No one bangs my Liara!

Now go and muzzle up with the Flyers, ya bum! Pittsburgh doesn't deserve yee!
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#4lordstanley_4(Topic Creator)Posted 2/1/2010 1:39:54 PM
Oh yeeeaah man... And she loved every second. Called out your name though man. Slightly offputting.