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7 years ago#1
Hey guys. I played through ME1 recently and thought it was okay (played Soldier, boring class). Then I picked up ME2 and put it on Veteran with a Vanguard. Then I decided to try Infiltrator, and it's loads more fun, but it's really not that hard. It's simple...hit spells when enemies are in LOS, shoot them when their disoriented, and their dead.

Is it because I'm an infiltrator and can pretty much survive everything by stealthing, or why is it so easy? I have 2 more loyalty missions to go and a couple side quests till I do the Reaper IFF storyline (I wanna save Chambers).
7 years ago#2

From: Oshiroi | #001
hit spells

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7 years ago#3
I've checked a couple of times to make sure it wasn't on a lower difficulty while playing on Insanity. Other times, i.e. geth hunters, I die. Pretty easy though. 3 mechs suck, though. Hard.
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7 years ago#4
How in god's name did you beat archangel?
I can't get to him in time in the last segment when Krogan rushes him
7 years ago#5
Insanity is a pretty good step up in difficulty. Every enemy has health + at least one other type of protection so enemies are a lot tougher (and much more resistant to biotics/tech...not spells...), and you take a lot more damage as well.
7 years ago#6
As a Soldier on Insanity it took quite some time to destroy that giant mech.
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7 years ago#7
Also, Vorcha and Krogan regen like madmen.
"All those people in the dining car, would you please kill them for me sir?" -Czeslaw Meyer
7 years ago#8
Yeah I've passed all those segments without dying too much, but Archangel has like 1/4th of his health left and here are these Krogans rushing him. I turn on my camo to rush up the stairs, with my team already dead of course, and then the Krogans turn around and rape me. Hmmm
7 years ago#9
I think the only time I got frustrated with the game was the storyline quest where the Illusive Man tricked you into going into the Collector vessel. Killing that blue laser beam sob made me run out of ammo. Luckily had the particle beam on me to blow his barrier away, and incinerate+warp+ammo=baibai armor. There just wasn't a lot of options I could position my squad in, but in the end I just kited him around the hill-portion of the area.
7 years ago#10
iono, I one-shotted the Archangel mission. The most difficult part is when you're turning on the fans. But, his health was well over half when I rescued him from the Krogan boss.
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