So why exactly is Tali so loved?

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6 years ago#51
I actually like Jack's look, but she is a real ***** that has a casual view towards sex, and those are two extreme deal breakers for me.
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6 years ago#52
Her character much more developed than Miranda and the Asari (forgot her name). She has better lines, she's more likable, better loyalty quests...

Her's is he only one that seems like she actually likes you. Miranda seems stiff like "Oh yeah I love you, now let me continue doing this paperwork" and the Asari seems too aloof.

Tali > all of them
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6 years ago#53
Oh, and Jack's haircut sucks. She's MORE developed than Miranda and the Asari, but she seems to be there just to up the "bad girl" vibe.
The person who writes for fools is always sure of a large audience.
6 years ago#54
Oh yeah.. since someone brought it up.. does anyone else feel that the two best romance options are actually NOT romance options? Both Samara and her daughter in their own ways seem to have a LOT of VERY INTERESTING stories as they have both lived through a hell of a lot of stuff (esp Morinth). Add to that they are both a fair bit hotter than even Miranda (yes, even if they existed in rl.. seriously) and we've got a winner. Of course there is perfect rationale as to why both -wouldn't- make good companions as well which is why Bioware are a bunch of sadistic little bastards :D Still, Samara's REMAINING lifetime is probably twice that of Shepard so it's not really like he couldn't get into those sweet blue ggilf panties given enough time and effort and as for Morinth.. hell.. if one man can bloody well kill two reapers by himself there's gotta be a way he can alter his nervous system for some sweet sweet alien nookie ;/
6 years ago#55
I think the conversation with Tali when she talks about living in a suit is one of the most powerful in the game, especially when she talks about not being able to smell a flower except through an air filter when Shepard matter-of-factly asks about finding a new planet instead of trying to go back to the quarian homeworld. Tali loses her father, partially through her own actions, and finding his body has a visible impact on her when she breaks down, which we don't see from any other character in either game. I haven't yet seen any character at this emotional extreme, even when they're suffering from immense loss. (Granted, I haven't seen Thane lose his son or Miranda lose her sister yet.) Liara's mother's death is brushed off; Jacob just gets angry at his father; and even when Garrus has just lost his team, he takes it mostly with resigned melancholy, rather than anguish. I think Mordin's loyalty mission is second place in emotional impact to the player (me, at least; your mileage may vary. I'm going through Paragon my first playthrough).

Through Tali, you can get a good idea of the quarian psyche, in a way that I didn't get from any of the other races, because she's such a "typical" quarian. Garrus seems to be made of fail; he leaves the Turian military, he leaves C-Sec, and on his own, he puts together a team of vigilantes that all get killed. He's a self-admitted "bad Turian", and all we get from so-called "good" Turians is from sidebar conversations. The asari teammates you have are both atypical; Liara is extremely too young to really describe the asari race, and all we get about it from her is in two or three conversation options in ME1. Samara is Lawful Stupid, and as a justicar, is aloof and unemotional about her life story. Again, the most insight I got into the Asari was from random conversations, like the asari who lost her locket with a picture of her and a human, so her daughter has nothing to remember her father by; or the bartender on Ilium. Wrex is a Krogan with a vision and a plan (decidely an anomoly, though the standoff on Vermire is an amazingly written moment), while Grunt is "krogan" reductio ad absurdum.

Tali's story, of her pilgrimage, her investigation of the first colony you go to, her recruitment mission, and especially her loyalty quest, shows us more about her race than we can learn about any other, because she's so archetypical. The other characters, because or in spite of the fact that they "break out" of their race's template, are most memorable to me for that fact, not because of anything about the character. There's not much to differentiate Tali from any other quarian, so everything we learn about her isn't colored with the lens of "I'm not your typical <insert race here>."

I think Mordin is hands down the most interesting character, but Tali has the most development.

Plus she has a nice figure, and a hot accent.

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6 years ago#56
Didn't expect this many responses when I woke

I dunno still. I'm alright with her but she annoys me. Comes off as whiny at times (not Kaiden level mind you). Plus I never really use her as a party member.
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6 years ago#57
While I loved Tali in the first ME, I never really used her. I love her in ME2 though. Aside from the great story parts she brings and some great conversations you can have from her, I love using her whenever I think a synthetic enemy may show up. Hack makes me happy, mostly because the hacked object draws all attention to themselves. I've had at least one boss fight made easier by Tali hacking one of those big walkers with the shields, armor, machine guns, and rocket launchers. I forget what their called. The really big ones though. I loves me some Tali
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6 years ago#58
I think about the only thing everyone can agree about is that Mordin is one of the coolest characters in any Bioware game.. about the only thing I really thought was out of place was when he broke out into song.. but I guess they wanted to hammer in that he's eccentric even for a salarian. Still, if it weren't for the brilliant character development where we see just how much the demons from his past haunt him still, that song would have been less out of place. As it stands it was a bit of an "EH" moment, but I dig him still :D
6 years ago#59
*Spoilers Maybe*

^^^ Come one, Shepard would have done that anyway. He needed to recruit Tali, killing those geth had nothing to do with impressing Tali. Shepard needs to go from point A to Point B, geth in the way, kill geth!

And saving Kal'Reeger, you could just tell him his plan is a good one and let him fight. He lives all the same. Before you even do her loyalty mission, Kelly says she's attracted to Shepard. And on the Flotilla, you only need to stand up for her. She isn't going to be useful in the mission if she's in a distressed mental state.

Miranda is a complete B**** until you help her, only then does she sort of start warming up to Shepard. She also pisses and moans when you don't do things the way she would, she is an ungrateful whore.
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6 years ago#60
I liked Miranda though. :-/
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