Failed Mordin's loyalty mission. Help please. *Spolier*

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7 years ago#1
I've completed every other person's so far without having read up on them at all. Mordin's seemed to be going just fine until I got to a hallway with a door on each side. I went left first(I'm pretty thorough and haven't missed anything up to this point), saw that it was the correct way to go, doubled back and went into the other door. In this other room was a Krogan and a datapad, but my squad had started fighting in the other area so I went to go help them out. That door closed behind me and wouldn't reopen till "all enemies were defeated." I killed everyone, including the boss Krogan, but could never go back through that door to get to the sick Krogan and datapad. I went on to finish the mission but even after making all the Paragon choices still didn't get his loyalty. After the long talk I had the option to stay behind or leave. I stayed, realized the door behind me was locked and that I couldn't hold B to end the mission. That's when I turned it off for the night. So did I need to talk to that sick Krogan to gain his loyalty in the end? Or can I not do it with all Paragon chioces(doesn't sound right at all but might as well ask)?
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7 years ago#2
Weird, that might be a glitch. Just replay the mission (if you didn't save)

My first playthrough was with a paragon and I did the exact same thing as you so I never met the sick Krogan but I still got Mordin's loyalty
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7 years ago#3
Did you ever get an actual blue Paragon choice? I never did, only options that were obviously good. But yeah, gonna try it again when I get home.
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7 years ago#4
Anybody have any insight on this?
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7 years ago#5
Sometimes if you skip actions (RT, LT) you get to Paragon/Renegade your way out of the situation.
7 years ago#6
You ran restart a mission at any time through the load menu.
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7 years ago#7
I got his loyalty and i did NOT do the Paragon option... I let him "do what he wanted to do" (trying to be spoiler free).

I went to talk to him on the ship afterwords and he seemed fine about everything and i got the new power.

anyhow, the sick Krogan is just a side mission, if you talked to the Krogan who lends you the truck, he tells you one of his scouts was captured... it should have nothing to do with the loyalty mission.
7 years ago#8
Then do you not get the achievement until you talk to him again on the ship? Maybe that's the problem. Most of the other ones I can remember have it pop up right after your conversations stop at the end of the missions but before the mission report... Is that it?
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7 years ago#9
Bump for last question.
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7 years ago#10
It happened to me as well. I think it is just a random glitch with that mission. The second time I still stayed so that I could hack some creds, but the second time I hit the B button immediately to bring up the "Stay" and "Leave" options, and selected "Stay". I then finished my hacking and left the mission.

So, I don't think it is anything you did, just that this mission can sometimes glitch.
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  3. Failed Mordin's loyalty mission. Help please. *Spolier*

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