Best Heavy Weapon for Last Mission?

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7 years ago#1

Deciding between Cain and The Termius Singularity Gun... Your thoughts?

7 years ago#2
Collector Particle Beam.
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7 years ago#3
i was using the collector and i thought that was the best but after earning the nuke launcher....i think id pick that one. im pretty sure im nearin the end
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7 years ago#4
particle beam kills fast
7 years ago#5
Don't have either of those, but none of the ones I had were particularly useful against the final boss. The Collector Beam was the only one I could even hit him with, and it did little damage because the Collector Beam isn't effective against armor (which is what his entire health bar is made of).
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7 years ago#6
The M-490(black hole gun) is worthless on that level.
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7 years ago#7
I just shot that Reaper in the face with my Cain. Just have to learn your timing.
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7 years ago#8

So no heavy weapon is a big help in the final level?

7 years ago#9
It seems the best Heavy Weapons to take with you in the final level are the Cain and the Particle Beam. The Blackstorm isn't that effective due to the rediculous charge up time between each shot(Harbinger will probably curb stomp you before you can get off a second shot, if you can even GET a first shot off) and the 'nade and missile launchers just plain aren't very good. Using the Avalanche or Firestorm is just asking for death unless you're a Vanguard, in which case Charge + Firestorm = SLAUGHTER, but that's beside the point.
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7 years ago#10
I used the beam.

Everything else only work to clean up the little bugs that spring up.
Just use either the black hole or the Cain for the mission. Take that beam to the boss though.
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