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7 years ago#1


I seem to be having trouble with this one. I am trying to get upgrade my assault rifle.

It seems that you have to find two upgrades. I got the first one in Omega I believe but I cant find the second one.

Any pointers woudl be great.

7 years ago#2
Read the sticky.
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7 years ago#3
There is a complete upgrade list tagged at the top of all topics
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7 years ago#4

thanks and sorry!

7 years ago#5

tThis stickiedlist is actually not very good. Thisshould be listed by upgrade type and not location.

Can anyone tell me where/how to get the full kinetic pulsar upgrade for the Assault Rifle.

What are the actual requirements to get this achievement. Do I also need to get Targeting VI and Tungsten Jacket too?

7 years ago#6


7 years ago#7
You have to find or buy the upgrades in the world, then you can upgrade the weapons, this is why the sticky is listed by location and not type, because they are not tied to type, the first one you find gives you the first upgrade, etc. it does not matter which one you find first. You have to get all the upgrades for one weapon, so just go to the sticky, get all the upgrades listed in the places they are listed, then research all of them on the Normandy.
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