Perfect Ending Guide (spoilers)

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At the most 3 people will die if you did not get ship upgrades on entry.

Tech dies if they're not loyal or not the right person (Tali and Legion are the right ones). They also die if the fire team leader is not loyal

Speaking of the fire team, They will die if they're not loyal or not good at the job. Miranda, Jacob, and Garrus are best suited for this.

Biotic specialist must be loyal for everyone to survive. Jack and Samara are the right choices for this.

The crew will start dying one by one if you do more than two missions after they get kidnapped. When you save them, choosing an unloyal teammate to go back with them will get someone killed.

Choosing "Hold the line" will call up a score. If the score of the teammates you did not select to go with you fails to meet a score, people start dying. Each character has a special score, and earning their loyalty increases that. Choosing "We have to hurry" puts a time limit on things, where people start dying if you take too long.

Unloyal teammates that go with you for the final boss will die.

To survive, you'll need these upgrades:

Thanix cannons (Garrus)
Multicore shielding (Tali)
Upgraded armour (Jacob)

And you'll need these LOYAL specialists:
Tech: Tali/Legion/Kasumi (yes, she works)
Fireteam leaders (1st and 2nd): Garrus/Miranda/Jacob
Biotic: Samara/Jack
Escort: Anyone
Backup: Try not to take Grunt, Garrus or Zaeed.

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Kasumi hasn't been released yet, I assume he just added her as future reference.
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Actually, for escort, rather than just anyone, it should be one of the physically weaker characters such as mordin, jack or tali
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There's a really obscure PC mod for Kasumi
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Kasumi hasn't been released yet, I assume he just added her as future reference.

You can actually mod her into the PC version, but she only works on the final mission. Haven't tried myself, but it makes sense for her to work, since one of the big character traits we know about her is that she prefers disabling security and sneaking past rather than fighting.
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I used this so bump
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Tag for later...god I miss this game. One more week before I can play it again...
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In other words, when picking people to do their job and it's their specialty, don't send them if they aren't loyal because someone will always die. I should really c/p this statement