#1DWPOTTERPosted 4/23/2012 5:42:32 PM

He wants to send me to the collectors base. I thought I could do stuff, and just not talk to him but Joker won't let me!! D:

I still have a bunch of loyalty quests to do. They had better not just send me straight there daggum it!!!!

#2DWPOTTER(Topic Creator)Posted 4/23/2012 6:11:43 PM

The crazy part is that I haven't even recruited everyone YET!!!

Is this some massive glitch?

#3nflchampPosted 4/23/2012 6:35:47 PM
Are you going through the Omega-4 relay or to a collector ship?

Collector ship isn't endgame. Endgame happens upwards of 2 missions after IFF.
#4DamniTtBobbyPosted 4/28/2012 11:21:11 AM
He's not sending you to the collector's base, he's sending you to check out a collector's ship. Don't worry. It's mandatory, but you'll be able to resume with what you're doing after the mission.
Because it's a big, stupid jellyfish!
#5Moogle_YunaPosted 4/30/2012 8:14:42 PM
Sounds like the collector SHIP obligatory mission, not the collector base suicide run. keep calm and carry on.