Guns that stun.

#1mech goukiPosted 6/19/2012 10:59:56 AM
I have to ask about this.

I'm not talking about stunning and incapacitating your enemies for a while. I'm more of thinking about shots that knock enemies off their aim or their movement for a split second.

Let's assume no Incendiary Ammo.

I noticed that for certain weapons, sometimes I can knock the enemy off their aim for a split second, giving me a leg up.

For Vindicator, I get it usually by the second wave of triple shots.
For Viper, usually, the first hit is enough to slow them down a bit. Even if they have protection.
For Shotguns, I managed to slow a few husks down at point blank range.
For weapons like Avenger and Tempest. I've almost never stunned an enemy this way.

I want to ask, is this normal? What exactly determines this? I heard that for effects like Cryo Ammo, the bigger the shot, the more likely it affects the target. Is it the same case with stunning effect? If a shot is bigger, it is more likely to slow down your enemy a bit?
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#2woodymPosted 6/19/2012 12:09:53 PM
Of course enemies are going to be more staggered if they are hit by a stronger weapon per shot then over something that is weak but fully auto like the avenger and SMGs.

No way am I saying this game is realistic but you have to look at the weapons realistically, of course your going to be staggered more say if you were hit with a full burst shell of a shotgun over a SMG. Reasons for the avenger and other SMGs not staggering as much as other weapons is that they have a high rate of fire but fire low damage per shot

Sort of rule of thumb, The more damage a weapon does per shot/burst will cause an enemy to stagger.

Same with cryo ammo the more damage per shot the higher chance to freeze with less ammunition, the snipers will freeze an enemy in one shot. The chance to freeze an enemy with assault rifles and SMGs may be lower but is made up by the rate of fire. I and few other have tested it out but when you do near 100 points of damage with a weapon using cryo ammo then they will freeze, more damage per shot the less ammo used to freeze
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#3mech gouki(Topic Creator)Posted 6/20/2012 7:03:26 AM
I guess that's another reason to be using the Vindicator and the Viper. None of the rapid fire weapons stagger the enemy as much.
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