Vanguard, shotgun to be used and squad?

#1k darkfirePosted 7/14/2012 9:26:20 AM
I don't have any of the DLC sooo...

What gun should I use, because, it seems to me Vanguard is useless without the DLC when the only 2 vanilla guns are garbage IIRC
#2garanPosted 7/14/2012 11:33:14 AM
If you want to have a lot of shots, use the Scimitar-- its clip size is 8. Otherwise, I would specialize and take the Claymore, which is easily the most powerful.

If you had access to the DLC, the Eviscerator and Geth Plasma Shotgun are both more powerful than the Katana or Scimitar.
#3comftblynumbPosted 7/14/2012 11:43:29 AM
idk i dont like any of the shotguns they fire too slow and dont have enough ammo, wich is why i havent tried playing vangaurd and probably never will. they only get shotgun and pistol right?

i really dont think the geth is much better, the projectiles move slow and i dont think there is any way to charge the shot without being out of cover. not a problem with vangaurd i guess but i didnt like it when i played soldier. i guess the next best one would be the eviscerator but i think thats dlc too.

you can get the claymore when you get to the collector ship but i believe that one has to reload after every shot.
#4woodymPosted 7/14/2012 7:17:50 PM
Aye Aye.
#5MattheauPosted 7/15/2012 3:41:57 AM
The Katana is pretty solid. I'd still take it over the Claymore, except maybe on Hardcore and Insanity. Then again, the hardest point in the game on those difficulty levels is before you get the advanced weapon training, so it shouldn't really be necessary.

The only reason the Katana tends not to get used is because the Eviscerator does basically the same job as the Katana a little better and a lot of people bought the game new and got that DLC for free. They aren't exactly that different damage wise. The Katana does a bit more damage to shields and barriers, while the Evicserator does a bit more damage to armor. The Eviscerator does have a significantly higher amount of base damage, but the Katana has better barrier/shield damage modifiers.

Depending on your difficulty settings and what you are fighting. A well played Vanguard should be getting mostly one hit kills with the Katana. It's only on higher difficulty levels and some stronger enemies the extra punch from the Eviscerator comes into play.
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#7mech goukiPosted 7/16/2012 4:27:13 AM

I really have to disagree. The DPS of the Katana is really bad. As in VERY BAD.

Scimitar is still the better choice in my opinion. In addition, at close range, a full blast of Scimitar would easily stagger the target. More shots and faster shots mean more staggering.

If you are an expert on the reload trick, go for Claymore. Otherwise stick to Scimitar.

Eviscerator is slow as well. But I use it because of the advantage that it is not so bad at mid-range. And I don't have Geth Shotgun :(
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#8mech goukiPosted 7/16/2012 4:30:18 AM

Please read here.

I need some advice on building the ultimate ME1 soldier.
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#9GlavewurmPosted 7/16/2012 11:29:33 AM(edited)
Eviscerator until Headshot+Punch stops feeling like enough. Then Scimitar.

I do have a soft spot for the Claymore since I used when available on my first Insanity Vanguard, but then I also used Reave. I can't really recommend either.

Sorry, mission the "no DLC". Just Scimitar then. Katana can carry you til Illium, you just might need more cover. That's not unusual before Heavy Charge and Champion are maxed.

As for squad. Bring whoever helps with that mission. Good ammo goes a long way, so, Zaeed for Geth, Jack for Collectors, Inferno is better than AP so you'd only need Garrus for Overload. Well, he's handy for Horizon, as is anyone with concussive shot for all the husks, but you have dozens of ways of dealing with husks, so take your favorite.

After you have ammo you like, Garrus, Kasumi Miranda, LoyalTali for Geth/Blue Suns. Miranda, Thane or LoyalSamara for Eclipse/Collectors, Kasumi, as well, if you don't mind exploiting a bug to make Harbinger harmless. Mordin, Thane, Miranda, LoyalZaeed or LoyalSamara for Blood Pack. As for the unlisted, Grunt and Jacob are more useful if you lack Incendiary ammo and don't want to take AP ammo as a bonus. Legion brings damage, but "nerfed squadmate" damage. Kasumi can also fit in pretty nicely anywhere, every ability is nice, and you can max them all, since her passive is bugged.
#10meltor13Posted 7/16/2012 11:39:08 AM
Depends, but I didn't much like the Scimitar on a Vangaurd. Doesn't do enough damage, IMO. If you are specializing in Cryo Ammo with your Vanguard, then yes....however, if you don't plan on using Cryo Ammo yourself, I would suggest you go with the Katana. It really is a very solid gun. Weaker than the Eviscerator, but it has more shots/clip, and does respectable damage. It also has the bonus vs. Shields/Barriers that the Evi. doesn't have. Lacks a punch against armor, but Inferno ammo can fix that problem.
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