Is it okay if I recruit all members before starting any loyalty missions?

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3 years ago#1
Right now I have missions (loyalty, I think) to talk to Miranda, Jack, and that other guy. I just recruited Samara and want to get the rest of the crew before starting any loyalty missions. Can I do that or would I somehow mess my game up by missing/skipping something? Thanks in advance. |
3 years ago#2
You can recruit everyone before accepting/doing any loyalty missions. When your squadmates give them to you it may sound urgent and they want to get them done as soon as possible but there is no real time limit. Say you get Miranda's loyalty mission first. You can do it right away, do a few other missions or make it the absolute last loyalty mission you do.

The only thing I should warn you about is that the Tali, Samara and Zaeed loyalty missions have some pretty high Charm/Intimidate checks in them. Plus after you complete the Miranda/Jack and Tali/Legion loyalty missions the pair will get into a fight which can cost you someone's loyalty. You need to use Charm/Intimidate to diffuse the situation without losing anyone's loyalty and the check is pretty high. Wait until your Paragon/Renegade level is pretty high before doing these.
3 years ago#3
That's really helpful, thanks. Sounds like I should leave the loyalty missions for later as long as possible. Is there a main mission I should stop at to finish the loyalty missions? I want to make sure my paragon is as high as possible.. |
3 years ago#4
The mission called Reaper IFF is the mission you'd want to do all the loyalty missions before completing it, that is best used as the point of no return.
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3 years ago#5
I posted a Mission Order guide some time ago. Use the search bar to find it. It might have some tips you'll find useful.

Aigonroth is right. Treat the IFF mission as the point-of-no-return, especially if you want everyone to get back from the Suicide Mission alive.

After the IFF mission you'll have a chance to recruit your final squadmate. He'll give you his loyalty mission right away. Do it immediately. Don't stop at the Citadel or anything, just go straight there.
3 years ago#6
That's what I do personally too, OP . I guess when Shepard says, " build the team " I take it literally to do all the Recruit missions first before any Loyalty missions .
3 years ago#7
Just be sure to talk to legion to get his LM before activating the galaxy map.
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  3. Is it okay if I recruit all members before starting any loyalty missions?

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