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100k of each resource before the IFF? (Archived)the_old_days62/11/2014
Best soldier build/team for Insanity? (Archived)Ritalinfiend102/10/2014
What triggers Jack's loyalty mission? (Archived)Ritalinfiend52/10/2014
Lair of the Shadow Broker will not trigger. Plase help. (Archived)Thorngren62/9/2014
Miranda and Jack (mild spoilers) (Archived)SideshowBob31122/8/2014
My reaction to the first ever firefight of the game (Archived)UltimaKeyMaster62/8/2014
husks and collectors... (Archived)sikiji7200032/4/2014
Arya and Daratar (spoilers) (Archived)Ernst_Junger42/4/2014
Hot or cold? (Poll)SpunkySix72/2/2014
after all these years, some of the design choices in this game still bug me. (Archived)the_old_days72/2/2014
Question about the percentage. Seen while traveling space... (Archived)TheArcade31/30/2014
Importing mass effect 1 character help (Archived)cryfar241/29/2014
Cannot decide on a class (Archived)
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How scarce is money in this game? (Archived)SideshowBob311101/28/2014
Thane's Loyalty mission left a bad taste in my mouth... (spoilers) (Archived)SpunkySix61/28/2014
Why can't you give it to the Alliance or council? (ENDING SPOILERS) (Archived)SpunkySix101/28/2014
new game plus, importing, class changing and past decisions (Archived)Thorngren91/27/2014
DLC needs and don't needs... (Archived)TheArcade51/26/2014
Can I still get the No One Left Behind achievement? (Archived)PackAttack9131/25/2014
Which one of these DLC's should I get... only have money for one (Poll)The_Kevin_Nash81/25/2014
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