Need help finding all "Own The Spot" locations...

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User Info: adrenaline7

7 years ago#1
I'm having trouble finding all the OTS locations. I have 20, but I can't remember how many more I need to find. Here's a listing of the one's I've found, and other people may use this to find ones they haven't:

1. Rock the Gap - Cougar Mtn (down winding roads)
2. No Need For Speed - Cougar Mtn (near end of spillway)
3. Mini Mega Redux - The Rez (SW of Party Pool)
4. Lilypads - Waterfront (SW of Lighthouse Park)
5. Thrice the Hubba - The Stacks (South of actual landmark)
6. The Wall - The Rez (near tram stops/depot)
7. Off Street - Old Town (SE of Cathedral)
8. Books - The Stacks (inside GED High near big letters and numbers)
9. Glass Awning - Lower Rez (East of Foundation)
10. By The Bridge - Old Town (North of Cathedral)
11. Alphabet - The Stacks (level 2 or 3, at big ABC)
12. Razor's Edge - Financial District (big pool and feature)
13. Swiss Cheese Moon - Waterfront (near skyscraper and wavy path)
14. Welcome Hut - Cougar Mtn (down winding road near Bushman Bowl Jam)
15. Poop Deck Pool - Waterfront (Nautical Resort, on boat)
16. Bust Stop - Lower Rez (SW of actual landmark)
17. Winged Bench - Lower Rez (past "Bus Stop", downhill, under bridge an on the left)
18. Manny Hop Set - Waterfront (near SV Staduim)
19. Urban Curves - The Rez (through big alleyways, long curving staircase)
20. Getting Technical - Old Town (SE of Cathedral, not far from "Off Street")

Anyone that can post some others would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: adrenaline7

7 years ago#2
Nevermind, found the last remaining spots:

The Statue - near Mongo HQ (I think)
The Stink Pit - down the winding roads close to bottom of Cougar Mtn is a staircase and entrance to tunnel. Go down the tunnel to end up at location.

Also allowed me to get the trophy, so that was a nice bonus.
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