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User Info: x6sh0tOcelot

8 years ago#1

Alright, I have the Strategy guide, and though Legolas and Aragorn have their special moves, not everyone has one like they do. Nobody else has a HOLD AND PRESS combination, but they all have their perks

Legolas - Hold X and Press A - Shield Ride

Aragorn - Hold B and Press X - Powers of the Undead (healing over time)

Lurtz - Arrows Can Pierce through enemies and hit others

Gandalf - Lightning attack hits multiple enemies, even when not powered up. Fire attack is wide. Powerful against Multipe Enemies

Saruman - Lightning attack does a lot of damage to single enemies, powerful fire attack. Good against Single Enemies

Mouth of Saruman - Lightning attack is Weak on first target, but becomes increasingly powerful for each target it spreads to. Use against group for maximum damage!

Eowyn - When using Melee attack, jump to make Eowyn to a front flip over enemies. She is invincible during the flip, which can be used multiple times.

Frodo - Does not uncloak when using melee attacks

Wormtounge - Pressing LB + X puts a bomb in his hand. When holding this bomb, he is faster and stronger, and his energy comes back faster. After 10 seconds, the bomb explodes, doing a lot of damage to enemies, and a little bit to himself.

Elrond - Water Sphere Heals & Protects from projectiles.

Faramir - Energy attacks can be "mashed" for many hits

Gimli - Longbeard Pound attack is most powerful energy attack in game. It cannot be interrupted.

Isildur - Energy attacks are made more powerful by flaming "ghosts" that deal extra damage

Nazgul - Power of Nine attack can be comboed with other Energy attacks

Witch King - Terror Quake attack can damage an entire battlefield of enemies.

User Info: blueRats

8 years ago#2
Why is all i ask.
You were never here.. this conversation didn't take place.

User Info: x6sh0tOcelot

8 years ago#3
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