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8 years ago#1
Alright, everyone knows about aragorn and legolas' secret moves by now, have any of you found any more? I'm in the process of it but no luck yet. I've heard someone found one with elrond, where he can heal like a mage or something, but I dunno. We neeed moar secret mooves
8 years ago#2
i heard with elrond that all you have to do is block and he slowly heals but i might of misheard my friend.
8 years ago#3
Elrond's LB B (or whichever throws up the water shield) will heal him if he's inside.
Not secret.
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8 years ago#4
Yeah, I know about the bubble, I heard he can do an actual mage heal but i dont know how, ill have to found out.
8 years ago#5
actually, i don't know these moves for aragorn and legolas. what might these be?
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8 years ago#6
Aragon hold b for about 8 secs and then press x. He glows and heals slowly. Legolas hold a for about 5 secs and then press x and he rides his shield which makes his special attacks do more.
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8 years ago#7
Seems like aragorns move is only available once per life, while legolas can perform his shield ride over and over.

For those who like archers Legolas is great, if you learn to use his shield ride when attacked or knocked down its a great way to escape.

Would like to know if anyone found more also
8 years ago#8
8 years ago#9
How exactly do you do legolas's secret move? cuz i tried holding B for 5 seconds then hitting X and that definitely does not work.
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8 years ago#10
Hold A for 5 secs then hit X

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