Player over LAN, need two keys?

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User Info: Squall8989

8 years ago#1
I haven't owned a C&C game in a while, but I got this direct2drive this past weekend. I want to play with my friend and I remember that the older C&C games you only need to buy one copy of the game for LAN play with someone else. Can you do this with RA3 or does my friend need to buy a separate key.

User Info: Ganon875

8 years ago#2
Haven't tested that out yet, but I could play RA2 over LAN:I copied the music and movies to my harddrive, and I just booted the game on comp 1 with the disc. Then when in game, I pulled the disc out, and booted it on comp 2, no separate keys needed for that, only for online play. (over the internet)
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User Info: Triqqiej

8 years ago#3
you need 2 keys to play RA3 online... don't think you can even play on LAN... but if you can, you'd prolly still need 2 keys.

User Info: encm_mdcy

8 years ago#4
you can play LAN for vurses games (under "network") i already played with a friend.

User Info: Squall8989

8 years ago#5
Did your friend have a separate key?

User Info: MrsRegistered

8 years ago#6
I'd find it hard to believe that you would be able to use the same key.

User Info: ajax6566

8 years ago#7
Im not sure with this game, it may be too new still, but to play LAN youd have to:

- each have a copy of the game OR
- have a no-cd crack for the game
- use a key generator to supply the 2nd code; this wont let you online, but you can play the game

thats typically how LAN would work, but like i said, I havent played RA3 yet nor do i know if those tools are available.

personally, i feel a no-cd crack and keygen are okay for wanting to play LAN. of course i know if those items were made public it would just create more pirating.

but for my household we would have to buy 3 copies of a game to play LAN

we actually did just that for RA2: Yuri expansion. like 5 CnC games for $20. so we just bought it.

but $50? and no demo to know how well we would run it. eh. i wanted it so badly too, but will wait til its $30 and has been patched.
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User Info: Shurikane

8 years ago#8
We installed the game at work for some LAN play and yes, turns out you need different keys for everyone.
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User Info: GodlyRanger

8 years ago#9
you guys do not need the DVD in the drive, so a no-cd/dvd is useless, besides, the game is worth it, so tell your mates to buy the damn game.

User Info: Adnan22

8 years ago#10
The game is definetley not worth it since it blows in multiplayer.
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