Playing on a Mac?

#1donnieaxelPosted 8/3/2009 2:23:30 AM
I play WOW with the majority of the settings on high, and I play City of Heroes/Villains from time to time with no problems too. This game has topped my wanted list for sometime, but unfortunately I have an older generation Macbook Pro, and I'm not sure if the specifications meet the requirements of this game.

2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
3 GB Ram
ATI Radeon x1600
Vram 128 MB (relevant?)

I know about boot camp, and installing Windows, but with the Mac's specifications in mind, will I be able to run this without performance issues, or at least well enough to be playable?

I have this pre-ordered, and I'd been hoping to get a hold of a beta key to test out my computer's performance before release, but unfortunately I have missed out. Is anyone running this under boot camp?

Thanks for the help
#2Lord_LykouleonPosted 8/3/2009 6:01:15 AM

You'll be playing on low-medium settings, but you'll definately be playing.

#3donnieaxel(Topic Creator)Posted 8/3/2009 6:39:41 AM
Thanks. That's what I wanted to hear. :)
#4whexican715Posted 8/3/2009 7:45:36 AM
If you can upgrade your video card you might be able to play on medium/high settings.
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#5surfingBROHAMPosted 8/3/2009 7:48:45 AM
that video card is going to hurt
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#6LopezthehevyPosted 8/13/2009 12:21:00 PM
Is there something Id have to download to have it work on my mac. I have a stock mac book pro. It say this game is for PCs but not Macs. Anyone help me?
#7markl27Posted 8/14/2009 12:39:33 AM
you will need

A valid copy of windows
Your mac os 10.5 discs

Search "boot camp" on your mac.
open it and partition your hard drive.

load windows onto the new partition

you will need to install the mac specific drivers on the windows side to do things like get online but all you need to do is put in your OS disc one.

This is all explained much better by opening boot camp and printing the manual.
alot easier than it sounds when my limited brainpower tries to explain it.
#8DarthPabsPosted 8/14/2009 8:42:49 AM
if you dig around the official forums, one of the devs goes as far as to say that the game runs better on his home mac with boot camp than it does on his work computer.
#9surfingBROHAMPosted 8/14/2009 11:21:42 AM
hah, macs.
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#10spaze1Posted 8/15/2009 6:10:43 AM
If you need a free copy of windows you can still download the RC of Windows 7 for a few more days. it'll work until march 1st
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