PETS and all pet class questions.

#1lazy_titanPosted 9/8/2009 10:01:22 AM
haven't messed with pets much since early on in closed beta but wondering few things, im going to make an all pet class no matter how hard. will grab tech pets, wolfs, zombies, everything and wanted to know

I know INT says it improves pet damage but does it really do it that much? i remember trying on last day of beta and getting to 40 and putting super stat to int and both with or with out the super stat int bouns my pets did same damage.

Does presence worth doing as second stat for their hp or does it not matter that much either?

i remember in beta that i couldn't have zombies and familiar out but you can have robots and health bots out. is their certain pets u cant have out at same time as others?

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#2travlrPosted 9/8/2009 10:17:03 AM
I'd wait a bit for the AI to get ironed out. Right now my Heal bots are laughably stupid. I often turn around expectign to see them healing me but they are healing random players , each other, or lamp posts and other nearby objects.
#3Prime_MatrixPosted 9/8/2009 10:21:15 AM
Int and Pre can make difference in pet survivability. Pre seems to add health to pets as Con adds health to player characters.

Certain Sorcery pets count as a "summoning circle" and you can only have one "circle" power active. There are wolves in Supernatural, any "circle summon", the familiar from Sorcery, and in Gadgets there are the healing drones, the bots that turn into turrets, and the "battle toys."

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#4DarkPsychoPosted 9/8/2009 11:21:18 AM
Healing Bots are pretty crap now. I know in open beta, they were stupid, but when they healed they'd max out my health bar in a few seconds. Now they heal for 14-20(down from 70-100) a tic, and are still stupid and ADD-a-liscous. Half the time you'll supercharge them and they'll just stand there, lolwuting at you.

Pets in general are pretty 'bad' right now. They can do some great good, when they arn't trying to kill a lamppost.
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#5ThingsFallApartPosted 9/8/2009 11:42:02 AM
Upcoming patch apparently improves pet AI, on the test server now.
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#6lazy_titan(Topic Creator)Posted 9/8/2009 11:54:14 AM
I understand that Perception SAYS it helps with pets hit points but want to know if it actally makes a noticeable difference. Like i said above INT didnt seem to make a difference in damage even though it said it was based off INT. That may have changed since i tested it in beta but wanted to know if anyone knew.

also i know that sorcery pets some are castes in those circles but dont think zombies and the fimilar are circle casted pets. but if you cant have one or the other, or atleast was that way in beta. Same with the two summons in telepathy you can have a nightmare out or the one that summons 4 guys based on how many guys u have held but cant have both. but with tech pets can have all of them out...or at least two not sure about three always see ppl with bots and healing drones.

just don't understand why they would let you have those two out from same power set but not ones from telepathy or sorcery. why i wanted to know if anyone knew the restrictions or is this a possible bug?

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#7Chorobes1Posted 9/8/2009 1:01:56 PM
In beta I had Familiar, Bots, Field Drones, and a circle summon imp pet thing. I didnt get any of the others.
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