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This or burnout paradise (Archived)
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How come RockBand 2 & GuitarHero 2 gets 9.0/9.4 but Pure only gets 8.6? IGN (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Only SEVEN locations??? (Archived)uthoria20559/18/2008
Just got it! (Archived)zillazero69/18/2008
Is this game worth a rent or a buy? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Bike Building Primer (Archived)pengasm1349/18/2008
So why isn't it out a week early in the UK? (Archived)zidaneIX0529/18/2008
Have you seen this achievement? Impossible!!!!! (Archived)deepee3189/18/2008
if you think the guy who tried to delay this game at the last minute is an idiot (Archived)PoetSaskia69/18/2008
This game is awesome!!! (Archived)DaGr1nCh49/18/2008
How do you do the unlocked tricks? Im lost. Please help. More info inside Thanks (Archived)Ribbercage9329/18/2008
Hold tricks for longer... or more tricks? (Archived)Syxx67629/18/2008
TeamXbox Review Up... 9/10 (Archived)Delano_J29/18/2008
Sign here when you get it.... (Archived)
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damage model? (Archived)deadly5529/18/2008
helmet cam? (Archived)XxDeathSycthexX29/17/2008
My girl Ashley from Gamestop just called me to pick up Pure tomorrow. (Archived)thetruegameguru79/17/2008
Free Roam+Banshee? (Archived)XxDeathSycthexX59/17/2008
So I went to Walmart... (Archived)holymoosebomb29/17/2008
How are the tracks in the game and how high up in the mountains are they? (Archived)TheBuickGnx39/17/2008
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