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7 years ago#1

I just bought it from bestbuy but dont want to open it until i see some reviews or get some info on how it "feels". I'll return it and get forza3 if this is no good. I really wanted a indy or f1 game and thats why i bought this first over forza. The screenshots look decent but im worried because its 29.99 new. I realize not all cheap games are terrible but its made by destineer who i have never heard of.

7 years ago#2
To be honest, I would return it. The game is not even worth $30.00. I can see this game going way lower in a couple of months. I too wanted a good indy or F1 game but this isn't it. I would go get Forza 3 instead. Maybe F1 2010 will be good, I look forward to that. And about the gameplay, the driving feels sloppy, the cars are cool, so is the history. But that is about the only good thing about it. The graphics look more like a older Xbox game than a 360 game also.
7 years ago#3

thanks for the reply....i opened it and played it anyway ,i couldnt help my self:lol: The controls with a gamepad are terrible,maybe withe a wheel it would be better.The graphics are ok but sound cuts in and out . Ehh....just another crappy game to add to the collection . its not worth more than 10$ in my opinion.

7 years ago#4
Yeah...the cars are very jittery feeling also. And I forgot about the sound cutting out...

This will be one of those clearance $9.99 games soon...I'm not sure its even worth that though.
7 years ago#5

I just traded this in today along with nfs:shift and got assassins creed 2:Dfor 19.99. Ill get forza 3 on black fri. when it will be 39.99 or less at toysrus and gamestop.If i could rate this game id give it a 2/10 .Here's hoping f1 2010 will be good.

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  3. anybody have this yet?

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