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Can you simulate in-game to the plays that your player is in? Like you can simulate through when your guy is on the bench instead of being forced to control the whole team or watch them while you wait to get back in the game. On the next gen console versions you can simulate through this...

#2stevo354Posted 7/30/2008 12:26:50 PM can simulate the defense by pressing start the select super sim and simulate to next change of possesion
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Thats better than nothing I gues.... hopefully my new roomate has a 360 or something ... lol

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Here's something neat, though:
If you haven't turned off auto-throw in the options menu, you can just hike the ball and not touch the controller. The game will play through for you until you press something. I'm not sure how well the game plays, but it would work.

If you were, say, a halfback, you could sim through the defense, use "Ask Corso" to call all the plays, and only take control on plays where the HB gets the ball.

Pretty close, but you still have to watch the passing plays (I guess you'd have to take control of the HB once the ball is in the air if the QB passes to him).
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lol... my roomate moving is a good friend I got to know recently, and evidentally he has a 360 and ps3 :D So that solves that problem
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