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8 years ago#1
Just to clarify: The Rock Band Guitar does work with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, but not Guitar Hero III.

I've seen multiple topics with false information in them so I thought I would let everyone know that my friend and I just completed the whole expert career with the Rock Band guitar.
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8 years ago#2
confirmed thanks!
8 years ago#3
thanks, but i like to stick with the les paul, i hate the rock band guitar, no click, and the buttons suck. I want my click! but thanks it is good to know :)
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8 years ago#4
Yeah I also prefer my Xplorer over the Strat, but my friend has my Xplorer right now so I had to play through Aerosmith with the Strat.
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8 years ago#5
No click is a good thing if you ask me, and I honestly like the frets on the strat, it makes it so your pinky won't get stuck in between frets while sliding down. It is a bit clunky, however, making it feel a little awkward.
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8 years ago#6
The fact that the guitar is compatible is a good sign that maybe, MAYBE Activision is starting to chill out about using their equipment on other games.

This means that we might be able to use the GH:WT drums on Rock Band 2!!!! YAAAYYY!!!!!!
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8 years ago#7
is rock band 2 even announced?
8 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#9
Yes...Rock Band 2 has been announced with a September release date
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8 years ago#10
I'm so sure Rock Band 2 drum will have one more drumface or cymbal than GH:WT drum. Just so that they can sell you another overpriced piece of plastic.
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