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7 years ago#1
right, so it looks like I'm the only one whos having bad lag on the ps3 version of this game (can't find anything on it). I've tried everything, even rang activesion, no help! I've played all other guitar games on 360 and they worked fine! My ps3 is connected by hdmi to my Philips 32PFL5403D LCD HDTV (as is my 360). The calibarated lag menu is no help at all. If anyone has this problem or the same setup as me and fixed it, please help! Its not the buttons, its out of sync. I've also tried using different displat setting on my ps3...
7 years ago#2
sorry 4 the miss spelling, I'm using the ps3 4 this, cos my laptop is broken... not a great month lol
7 years ago#3
nvm, its the guitar. I tried it on a standard tv, and it did the same thing.
7 years ago#4

Sorry for the slow reply here - normally check these forums very often.

The Les Paul controller that comes with GH3 and GH:Aerosmith is known for being very laggy on the PS3. Not sure what causes it but literally every single one of them is like it.

I would highly recommend that you buy a World Tour controller - this will definitely solve your problem. Alternitavely a Rock Band 2 controller would work.

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