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Unlocking Hulkbuster Armor on PC version (Archived)cwhein13/11/2011
PC Port Collectibles? (Archived)TheFitnessGuru112/11/2010
Ahhh, now I know here all the graphics hos reside. (Archived)darkblade12518/24/2010
Any mini games or bonus unacessible because of destroyed buildings? (Archived)Grungast16/20/2010
I have this game (Archived)final_kaoss110/4/2009
How do I get past Threaten Level 9? (Archived)jcyl_baihu17/30/2009
What... No New Game Option! (Archived)roydsilva112/20/2008
Can't use the gamepad with Incredible hulk (Archived)mischen112/6/2008
Should be able to run this without too much fuss right...? (Archived)darkblade125110/30/2008
Hulkbuster Armor (Archived)longwonghunglo110/10/2008
Sound Problems and Popping? (Archived)T0p_Gun210/3/2008
Button Mashing Problems (Possible Spoiler) (Archived)ieswk87/27/2008
Incorrect instruction on using mouse botton on the Incredible Hulk (Archived)rexxar198017/23/2008
How to map controllers for PC (Archived)apennismightier17/18/2008
For the people that have the game (Archived)
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Marvel & Sega... (Archived)AnotherNewUser17/7/2008
Quick Answer! U-Foes Mission! (Stuck) (Archived)PainKid57/7/2008
gray hulk help (Archived)imsaurabh27/7/2008
The Abomination (does he look like the ''real'' or does he look like a flop) ? (Archived)stevepower47/4/2008
Hey gamespot, why don't you show actual pc screenshots in the pc section? (Archived)
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